15 Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products in 2024 (Top 3 Picks)

best platform to sell digital products

By Ecombridges    •   Updated December 31, 2023

Are you looking for the best platform to sell digital products in 2024? If so, you've come to the right place! In this advanced guide, we will discuss the best software for your digital product business.

What Is the Best Platform to Sell Digital Products?

If you don't have time to read, here are the 3 best platforms to sell digital products online:



Start selling digital products online, such as ebooks, audio files, and video courses. Teachable makes it easy to sell digital products or coaching services online and reach a global audience.



Sell digital products online with ease. With Thinkific, you can create and sell courses, membership sites, and digital downloads in one place.

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With Kajabi's all-in-one platform, you can sell digital products like courses, coaching programs, podcasts, and memberships. Selling online courses is super easy with this premium platform.

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Keep reading to learn more!

Selling Digital Products, an Exploding Market

As a result of the digitization of the economy, online learning is rapidly increasing, and online course platforms to sell digital products (LMS) are experiencing tremendous growth.

Indeed, the worldwide e-learning and digital products market will be worth $325 billion by 2025 (Research and Markets).

Are you ready to tap into this online education market and sell digital products? 

You need the best software to sell online.

Each platform has unique benefits and features for selling digital products, so choosing the one best suited for your needs is essential.

Here is what you should do: you need to choose a platform that provides your students with a personalized and professional learning experience that is so outstanding that they are unaware they're using one.

Sell Digital Products With An Online Course Platform

Online course platform

An online course platform is a SaaS software you access via the Internet browser that helps you sell, manage and deliver your courses.

Many platforms also provide the infrastructure for a website or blog. You can use an online course platform to deliver your courses to students anywhere.

These platforms let you sell online courses and digital products:

  • Create sales landing pages.
  • Accept payments.
  • Manage customers and orders.
  • Host digital content like courses and ebooks.
  • Deliver courses to students.
  • Create a website and blog (or integrate your online course with an existing website).
  • Provide email marketing services.
  • Integrations with social media platforms.

Selling online courses should be easy, and the browser-based SaaS platforms I cover below let you quickly start and grow your online business.

The Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products Online

Here are my top recommendations for the best platforms for selling digital courses, downloads, and other digital products this year.

1. Teachable

Best Online Course Platform for Beginners (FREE)

Should You Use Teachable to Sell Digital Products?

Teachable is the perfect platform for beginners to sell digital products online. It's easy to use, powerful, and one of the cheapest platforms.

You can get started at no cost and scale later with a paid plan when you want to host unlimited courses or get better transaction fees on sales.

Best For Beginners

Price Free – $249/mo (Basic plan: $29/mo)

Annual Discount Yes, save 25%

Promotion Get Started with a Free Plan

Ready to turn your knowledge into a thriving business?

You could be the next big online course creator. Teachable is the best SaaS software for creators to build and sell online courses. Over 100,000 creators have sold over $1 billion in courses and coaching services, so you can trust that they know what they're doing.

If you've got a digital product to sell, you need to check out Teachable. It's one of the best platforms for selling digital products like online courses, ebooks, or coaching services. If you don't want to create a course, you can focus on selling digital downloads like ebooks.

Teachable, best platform to sell digital products
Teachable website

Key Features

  • Membership Site: with the Course Bundle feature, you can group courses and sell subscriptions to access your content monthly to get recurring revenue from your students.
  • Affiliate Program: with Teachable's affiliate program, you can let others promote your courses for a commission.

Teachable Pricing

Teachable pricing

All plans come with unlimited students.

  • Free: 1 course, no custom domain or email marketing. Transaction fees on sales: $1 + 10%.
  • Basic ($29/mo): unlimited courses, custom domain, 2 admin users, direct integrations (Facebook, Google Analytics, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Zapier, and more), email marketing, private community, launch accelerator, 5% transaction costs on sales.
  • Pro ($99/mo): Basic features, plus 0% transaction fees, 5 admin users, public API (connect to external tools), integrated affiliate program, advanced reporting, live chat, live group coaching sessions with Teachable staff.
  • Business ($249/mo): Pro features, plus advanced theme and developer customization, 20 admin user, bulk import students, and custom user roles.

Pros & Cons of Teachable

Here are the main pros and cons of Teachable:


  • Unlimited: courses, coaching services, students, bandwidth.
  • Free Plan: host 1 course for free with unlimited students.
  • Affiliate Program: the Pro plan includes an affiliate program so people can send you free traffic and sales in exchange for commissions. It can help skyrocket your business!
  • Easy setup: online platform easy to use for beginners.
  • Public API: on their Pro and Business plans, to help you connect to external services and display your courses on any website.


  • Advanced reporting: on courses, students, upsells, videos. Only available in the more expensive Pro and Business plans.
  • Transaction fees: high transaction cost on the Free plan. If you have many sales, it makes sense to switch to a paid plan to decrease or remove transaction fees on sales.

Key Takeaways

Not only will you be able to create your online courses with ease, but you'll also have access to all of Teachable's unique features like marketing tools, multiple payment options, and course analytics.

With this online course platform, you can sell digital products securely and quickly. Teachable makes it easy to sell digital products online and make money online.

Also, their world-class customer support is always here to help you out if you need it.

Teachable Pro Plan

If you have many products to sell, I recommend their most popular Pro Plan at $99/month, which is the first plan with no transaction costs.

Sell Digital Products with Teachable

So if you're looking for the best way to sell digital downloads and courses, then be sure to check out Teachable!

Sign up for their Free or Basic plan today and start creating your online course to sell your first digital product.

2. Thinkific

One of the Best Online Course Platforms

Thinkific, best platform for selling digital products online

Should You Use Thinkific to Sell Digital Products?

The platform is a popular and affordable solution for selling digital goods online. The digital selling platform integrates with Stripe and PayPal to make it easy to collect payments.

On top of that, they have a responsive customer support team and resources. Thinkific provides an excellent student and instructor experience.

I strongly advise you to sign up for Thinkific, which allows you to create an account for free.

Best For Beginners to Experts

Price Free – $399/mo (Basic plan: $39/mo)

Annual Discount Yes, save 20%

Promotion Get Started with a Free Plan

Try Thinkific

Do you want to share your knowledge with the world and make some money while you're at it? Thinkific is the perfect platform for you. More than 50 000 businesses and course creators see Thinkific as the best platform to sell digital products.

Key Features

  • Customize your courses however you want with minimal effort. Expert customizations allow you to design your courses exactly how you want them to appear and operate.
  • Website Themes: You can choose from a selection of themes to give your courses a professional look.
  • Memberships & Communities make learning a shared experience for your students.
  • Live Lessons & Cohorts enables you to give your course materials live, in real time, to students worldwide.
  • Progress Tracking allows you to keep track of your student's progress throughout the learning materials.
  • Drip Content: You can release your course content over time instead of all at once.

Thinkific Pricing

Thinkific pricing
  • Free: It's great to get a feel for the interface and see what it has to offer.
  • Basic ($39/mo): unlimited courses, content, and students. Use a custom domain, coupons & promotions, email integration, and drip releases to schedule content.
  • Pro ($79/mo): Basic features, plus communities, advanced course building, private courses, completion certificates, and advanced course building features like assignments.
  • Premier ($399/mo): Pro features, plus groups, unlimited communities, white labeling (to remove Thinkific mention and have your own branding), API access, onboarding package, and more premium features.

Pros & Cons of Thinkific

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of Thinkific:


  • Unlimited: content, courses, students.
  • Free Plan: to get started at no cost, with limited courses but unlimited students.
  • Easy setup: easy drag & drop course builder, easy to use templates to have a beautiful website.
  • Advanced features: advanced course building, course certificates, communities, and more.


  • Integrations: It would be beneficial if the software integrated with social media networks and CRMs.
  • Free plan: limited, for example, without a custom domain and coupons or promotions for students.

Key Takeaways

With their easy-to-use course builder, you can create and start selling digital products in no time.

You'll have total control over your brand and business. Fully customize your courses to match your look and brand, manage course content with simple drag-and-drop editing, and preview every change before it goes live.

There's no coding or technical expertise required – Thinkific makes it easy for anyone to create and sell learning materials or digital downloads. It is the best platform for selling digital products, or at least in the top 3.

Sign up for a free plan today.

Try Thinkific

3. Thrive Apprentice

Best All-in-One Marketing Suite for WordPress

Thrive Apprentice, a WordPress plugin for selling online courses

Do you want to create courses or sell digital products quickly but don't know where to start?

Thrive Apprentice is an excellent platform for selling digital goods. It's easy to use and packed with features that will make your courses more effective and engaging.

With Thrive Apprentice, you'll have complete design control over your courses. You can choose any media format you want and integrate it with all of your favorite tools. Plus, the platform focuses on user experience, so students will love learning from your courses.

Join thousands of entrepreneurs who're building their membership sites and online courses with Thrive Apprentice.

Try Thrive Apprentice

4. Payhip

Payhip website

Are you tired of fulfilling digital downloads and courses the old-fashioned way?

Payhip helps people like you sell your products without all the hassle. They care for everything so you can focus on growing your business.

Customers can download their purchases instantly, getting what they paid for as quickly as possible. Plus, their platform is secure and easy to use, so you'll be up and running in no time at all.

Payhip is the simplest method to sell digital downloads and courses. They make it simple to sell and market your ebooks, courses, software, design assets, music, or any other type of digital goods directly to your clients.

Over 130,000 merchants from all around the world have chosen Payhip as their trusted platform.

Sign up today for a free account on Payhip.

Try Payhip

5. Systeme.io

Best Free Sales Funnel Builder for Beginners

Systeme.io website, best platform to sell digital products.

Are you looking to start or grow your online business but don't know where to start?

Systeme.io serves entrepreneurs like you who want to focus on what they do best and leave the technical stuff behind.

Systeme.io provides an easy-to-use platform that makes online marketing simple and affordable for selling your digital products.

With Systeme.io, you can create a website in minutes, set up marketing automation with sales funnels, and start driving traffic and sales like a pro. You can also create your own affiliate program to have partners sell your products for you.

You'll have everything you need to take your business online – without all the hassle.

Sign up today and see for yourself how easy it is.

6. ClickFunnels

Most Popular Sales Funnel Builder Software

Clickfunnels: best platform to sell digital products

Are you tired of building websites and sales funnels the old-fashioned way?

With ClickFunnels, you can create beautiful, high-converting websites and sales funnels in minutes without learning coding or design. Plus, the platform is straightforward, even if you've never built a website.

Stop wasting time trying to do everything yourself. With ClickFunnels, you can quickly create sales funnels that will help you convert more of your visitors into leads and customers.

ClickFunnels is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs who want a platform to sell digital products and take their businesses to the next level.

Plus, they offer a free trial, so you can test all features before committing.

Sign up for a free trial of ClickFunnels today.

Try ClickFunnels

7. Kajabi

Premium All-in-One Platform for selling digital products.

Kajabi website, best platform to sell digital products for advanced users

Struggling to create online courses that people will want to buy?

Kajabi is a premium platform that makes it easy for you to create, manage, and sell your content. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can have a new course started quickly.

More than 100 000 businesses earned $3.5 B+ selling more than 300 000 products online using Kajabi.

If you're an expert in something and want to sell digital products or services, Kajabi is the perfect platform for you.

With Kajabi, you can easily create and sell courses, coaching programs, podcasts, memberships, and more. They provide all the tools and templates you need to start quickly and easily.

Not only will Kajabi make it easy for you to create content, but you'll also have access to powerful marketing tools that will help you grow your business. Collect payments with ease, use analytics to make informed decisions, and more.

Plus, you can reach a global audience with just a few clicks. So if you're ready to sell digital products and make some serious money, Kajabi is the way to go.

Turn your knowledge into income today with Kajabi. Sign up for a free trial of Kajabi and start selling digital goods.

Try Kajabi

8. Podia

A platform for Selling Digital Products

Podia website, one of the best places to sell digital downloads

You're a creator, not a techie.

That's why they created Podia – to make it easy for you to focus on your work without worrying about the tech.

Podia is a free and simple platform that allows users to create websites, courses, digital goods, and host communities. It's free and straightforward to use.

You can offer almost anything as a product, including courses, coaching, ebooks, webinars, and workshops.

Upload as many files and videos as you want, along with payment plans, quizzes, upsells, student comments, and drip material.

With Podia, there are no limits on what you can create. Plus, the platform will grow with you as your business expands.

Sign up for a free account today.

Try Podia

9. Sellfy

eCommerce Platform to Sell Digital and Physical Products

Sellfy website, best platform to sell digital products

Are you tired of complex eCommerce platforms that don't give you the desired results?

Sellfy was created by creators, for creators. They know what it's like to want to sell products online without all the hassle. That's why they have made the platform easy to use and packed with features to help you grow your business.

With Sellfy, you can create a digital store in minutes and start selling your products anywhere you want. They provide marketing features to help you reach your audience and sell more products.

Claim your Sellfy free trial and start building your successful online business.

Try Sellfy

10. Shopify

Best eCommerce Platform to Sell Physical Products

Shopify website

Are you fed up with complex eCommerce platforms that don't deliver the desired results?

Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform on the market due to its ease of use, features, and app ecosystem.

More than 4 million entrepreneurs trust Shopify to run their stores, mainly selling physical products. Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for creating an eCommerce store.

Best For Everyone

Price $14.44/mo – $147.78/mo

Annual Discount Yes, save 50%

Promotion Get Started with a Free Trial

Shopify is the platform commerce is built on. They make it easy for you to start, run, and grow your business with all the eCommerce features you need in one place.

Plus, their point-of-sale features let you manage your day-to-day operations without ever leaving Shopify.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop editor: You don't need any coding skills! Use the drag-and-drop editor to add products, collections, and pages to your store.
  • Shopify themes: choose between over 100 free and paid Shopify themes. You can also use Shopify's theme editor to customize your store's design.
  • Shopify Apps: there are over 7000 Shopify apps to choose from. These apps let you add features and functionality to your store. Sell multiple versions of products with an app.
  • Shopify POS is a point-of-sale app that lets you sell your products in person. It's available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Shopify Payments: this payment gateway lets you accept credit card payments. Shopify offers multiple payment options.
  • Inventory Management: Shopify lets you track your inventory, so you never sell a product that's out of stock.

How to Sell Digital Products on Shopify

Selling a digital product with Shopify is not built-in by default, as the eCommerce platform focuses more on physical products.

However, Shopify created the Digital Downloads app to let you sell digital products such as ebooks in your store with support for discount codes. I use the app, and it works well for simple digital goods.

Shopify digital downloads app

However, I recommend using a dedicated online course platform instead of an eCommerce platform if you focus on selling online courses and not just ebooks or templates.


Shopify pricing

Shopify offers 3 affordable plans with a 50% discount if you purchase annually:

  • Basic ($14.44/mo): basic reports, 2 staff accounts, higher credit card rates (2.9% + 30¢ USD online).
  • Shopify ($39.44/mo): professional reports, 5 staff accounts, lower credit card rates, more inventory locations, and shipping discounts.
  • Advanced ($147.78/mo): same as Shopify plan but with the lowest credit card rates, more inventory locations, staff accounts, and shipping discount.

I recommend starting with the Basic package and moving to other plans later as your business grows.

Key Takeaways

With Shopify, you'll have all the commerce and marketing tools you need to succeed online. You'll be able to find new customers, drive sales, and keep your business running smoothly day-to-day. So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today and see how easy it is to get started.

11. BigCommerce

Best Shopify Alternative for Selling Digital & Physical Products


Are you looking for a better way to run your business?

After Shopify, BigCommerce is one of the world's most trusted commerce solution providers. It's one of the best eCommerce platforms, counting more than 50 000 active stores.

Whether you're looking to sell online or simply want to create a digital storefront for your brick-and-mortar business, BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that can help.

They make it easy for businesses to run their stores, whether they're selling products to consumers or other companies.

With BigCommerce, you can easily create an online store with all the features and functionality you need to succeed. Plus, BigCommerce can grow with your business thanks to its flexibility and scalability.

Whether selling digital products or physical goods, BigCommerce has the tools you need to run a successful online store. And because it's a cloud-based platform, there's no need to worry about hosting or maintenance fees.

BigCommerce, one of the best platforms to sell digital products

You'll be able to sell more products faster with this full-service eCommerce platform. Let BigCommerce take care of the website and backend so you can continue making sales and growing your brand.

So if you're ready to take your business online, BigCommerce is the eCommerce platform for you.

Sign up for a free trial of BigCommerce today and see how they can help take your business to the next level.

Try BigCommerce

12. Squarespace

One of the Best eCommerce Platforms

Squarespace website, best platform to sell digital products or one of the top choices.

Squarespace makes it easy for business owners to create beautiful websites that help them sell anything without all the hassle. Indeed, you can sell physical and digital products on your own site with Squarespace.

And not only do Squarespace websites look great, but they come with features that make selling online easier than ever before. And once your website is up and running, it's easy to keep it looking fresh with their library of professional templates and fonts.

Squarespace provides tax-related services, discount codes, and payment tools such as Afterpay (for people in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand).

Plus, you can add tools to help you run your business more efficiently – like an online store or booking system.

Sign up for a free trial today and see how Squarespace can help you grow your business online.

Try Squarespace

13. Gumroad

Gumroad website

Are you an author, artist, or creator who wants to share your work with the world?

Gumroad is the perfect platform for you. It is an eCommerce platform for digital items that allows you to market and sell your creations. Sell ebooks, memberships, training sessions, software with license keys, and more.

You'll love their simple checkout process and their wide range of payment options. You can give out codes and generate license keys as you might on other eCommerce platforms.

They make it easy for you to sell your digital art and services. Plus, they give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Sign up today and start selling your digital products and services.

Try Gumroad

14. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads, best platform to sell digital products on WordPress

Are you looking for an easy way to sell digital products on your own website? If so, Easy Digital Downloads may be just what you need.

This powerful plugin provides an easy-to-use interface for selling digital products using WordPress, and it makes it easy to get started. With just a few clicks, you can upload products and start selling them to your customers.

Selling Digital Downloads

This WordPress plugin lets you easily sell digital downloads, such as PDFs, plugins, and themes. Selling multiple products is easy with this plugin.

The platform includes a user-friendly shopping cart, customer tracking, and discount codes. Set a file download limit and an expiry date for your links. It is also possible to access the built-in reporting system to generate statistics and create custom reports.

Easy Digital Downloads Themes
Some of the WordPress themes supported by Easy Digital Downloads

You'll love the simple checkout process and how easy it is to manage your orders. Plus, the WordPress plugin integrates with all the major payment gateways so that you can accept payments from anywhere in the world.

So why not give Easy Digital Downloads a try today? You may be surprised at how easy it is to sell digital products on your website.

Get started with Easy Digital Downloads today.

Try Easy Digital Downloads

15. MemberPress

Memberpress website, best platform to sell digital products on WordPress

If you need a membership plugin for WordPress, you should consider MemberPress instead of Easy Digital Downloads.

Indeed, it is a popular WordPress membership plugin that lets you sell paid memberships on top of digital products.

Try MemberPress

Wrapping Up: Best Platform to Sell Digital Products

So, what is the best software to sell digital products? It depends on your needs and priorities. All the platforms we've listed are great options, but depending on your needs and preferences, one may be a better fit.

Keep in mind the student experience, marketing features, and pricing when making your decision.

And don't forget that no matter which platform you choose, it's up to you to make your course a success.

You can quickly sell courses online with quality content and an effective marketing strategy.

Top Picks – Sell Digital Products Online

So, what is the best platform to sell digital goods? Here are my final recommendations:

  • Teachable: Best for Beginners
  • Thinkific: Best for Beginners to Experts
  • Kajabi: Best for Established Businesses (high cost)

Sell Digital Products as a Beginner

If you're just getting started, I recommend Teachable because of its user-friendly interface and low-cost monthly plans.

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