11 Best Sublimation Printers for Beginners in 2024 (Top 3 Picks & WHY)

best sublimation printer for beginners

By Ecombridges    •   Updated December 31, 2023

Are you looking forward to buying a sublimation printer as a total beginner, or are you concerned about buying an affordable sublimation printer with outstanding quality sublimation prints? Well, this article was made for you! I will show you the best sublimation printer for beginners.

Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer

Sawgrass SG500

It is the most popular dedicated sublimation printer.

Go for it if you want the highest print quality and an off-the-shelf sublimation printer.

Most Affordable

Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Color All-in-One

Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless

Because of its better productivity, economical output, and range of connectivity choices, the Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Printer is unrivaled in sublimation printing.

You can easily convert this classic printer into a sublimation printer.

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless

Epson WorkForce 7720

Perfect for beginners to sublimation printing, it accomplishes everything you need at an affordable price.

You can easily convert this classic printer into a sublimation printer.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This is the place to be: I truly believe that everyone can benefit from this common sublimation article, regardless of skill level. Let's get started with the reviews to find the best sublimation printer for beginners.

Therefore, let's begin!

Sublimation is a technique for transferring colors to various fabrics and materials. An image is made digitally with software such as Photoshop and then printed with specialist sublimation ink onto a chemically coated sheet of paper.

After that, the digital print is transferred to the transfer material. The image will transfer onto the polymers in the transfer materials once heat and pressure are applied.

Sublimation printing requires the use of heat-sensitive dyes and sublimation ink, and it is a type of direct thermal printing. Custom easter blankets, mousepads, shoes, wine bags, artwork, pillow shams, tote bags, and other personalized presents are all made using sublimation printing.

Why sublimation printing?

Other methods of transferring images and designs onto other materials are presumably familiar to you. Some options are screen printing, embroidery, transfer vinyl, and direct-to-garment printing. But what is the point of sublimation?

First of all, sublimation printing provides a unique combination of cost, quality, and time savings for a designer, making it an appealing option. Plus, it is the best medium for producing quality prints on any material.

What am I going to need to get started with sublimation?

It's a lot easier than it sounds to get started with sublimation! Below, you will find more information about our step-by-step guide to getting started with sublimation printing.

Keep reading to get a better understanding.

Sublimation paper

There are many different types of sublimation paper available. I urge that you look into the A-SUB brand! Check out our buyer's guide for a sublimation paper if you want to learn more about our thoughts on the subject (you can find our Buyer's Guide below in the article).

Sublimation ink

You will use this special sublimation ink to transfer your designated image to the fitting material.

Sublimation ink printer

You can either use a sublimation-specific printer or upgrade an existing ink jet printer to accommodate sublimation.

Heat transfer

Ensure that the heat press you purchase meets the minimum size requirements for your designs and transfers. Take note; this is very necessary.

Software design

Photoshop is the best software for sublimation printing

Another excellent design program is CorelDRAW. It's not just powerful, but it also doesn't require a recurring subscription to utilize.

Something to design your transfers with is required! Photoshop is the most popular option and contains various materials to help you get started. 

That's all there is to it! Other items you might need include heat-resistant gloves, heat-resistant tape or glue, and kraft paper to protect your workspace. However, these are the bare minimums for getting started. It's so straightforward.

On the other hand, many rookie sublimation craftsmen attempt to make personalized art such as coasters, earrings, hang tags, keychain tags, and even cotton material to make money, but they are unsure where to begin.

It's because there's a lot of information out there from many sources. Many aspects, such as ink cost, setup time, and print quality, go into deciding which printer to use when using the sublimation method.

Is it possible to sublimate onto 100% cotton fabric?

The sublimation method transfers inks onto fabrics by bonding the dye with polymers in the transfer substrate. Polymers are man-made components of many fabrics and materials not found in natural fibers.

Cotton and wool materials, for example, cannot be sublimated. There are no polymers with which the sublimation ink may form a bond.

Some new products claim to be able to sublimate onto natural fibers. They work by applying a tiny layer of chemicals to your cotton or wool, allowing the sublimation transfers to adhere to it. I've never used these goods and can't comment on how well they work.

What are the 3 things you must know about a sublimation printing machine before buying one?

You should know some simple things about sublimation printers and sublimation printing.

Below, we provide some helpful takeaways you need to know before buying your next sublimation printer.

Let's see them!

1. Dye Sublimation is a Low-Cost Option

Dye-sublimation printing was historically expensive and frightening due to the variety of equipment required and the multi-step process. The cost of the printers alone may be as much as $20,000, not including the price of a heat press.

Now, the market has grown to provide individuals with additional options, and the equipment cost has dropped considerably. The technology has also advanced, making the sublimation process much easier and allowing for even better printing quality.

Mimaki, Mutoh, and Epson sublimation printers are among the greatest names in dye sublimation printing and now offer printers for $10,000 or less. And, considering the revenue possibilities of dye sublimation printing, this investment will be well worth it. Especially, Epson is famous as the brand offering the best sublimation printer for beginners.

2. A Wide Range of Products Can Be Printed

Polyester and polyester resin-coated materials, as previously stated, are ideal substrates for dye sublimation printing. Because these printers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can print on a variety of items, including:

  • Dresses, Scarves, Ties
  • Suits for Swimming
  • Bags for the hands

3. You'll Require Additional Gear

Multiple steps are involved in the dye sublimation process, but they are easy if you have the following items:

The first is the heat transfer, as we mentioned above.

The second is a flat bed which is the best bet if you're transferring onto solid objects. They're also great for printing t-shirts with “all-over” designs.

The last is Calendar presses which are designed for garments, décor, and soft signs and employ oil or electrically heated drums for heat transfer. Calendar presses are ideal for printing in large quantities.

Before we delve into the reviews of each Sublimation printer we've made for you, let's quickly talk about the best tips and guide one should have before buying a sublimation printer as a beginner:

Buyer's Guide – Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Follow these tips before you go ahead in buying your next sublimation printer.

Maximum Printing Dimensions

If you choose one of the basic EcoTank printers, you will be limited to an 8.5-inch maximum print width. This is appropriate for mugs, tote bags, and smaller t-shirt designs, and it's a great place to start.

However, a wide format sublimation printer, such as the Epson WorkForce series, may be a better option if you need to print anything larger quickly.

These printers are inexpensive and have large maximum print sizes. However, they are cartridge printers, so make sure the configuration is correct before purchasing.

A WorkForce printer of identical size costs far less than an EcoTank wide format printer.

How Easy is it to Convert a Sublimation?

You'll need to modify your printer to use sublimation ink unless you purchase a specialized sublimation printer like the Sawgrass sublimation models.

Fortunately, Epson EcoTank sublimation printers make this simple, putting them in the beginner printers category for newbies just starting out. They're also cheap and straightforward to operate, offering a visual display showing you how much ink is left.

Cartridge printers are not suggested for beginners since they take longer to set up and may display erroneous ink levels in the printer software, making it difficult to tell when the cartridge is running low.

Color Accuracy in Printers

Color-accurate printing and bold, brilliant colors that transfer nicely to your objects are essential.

In general, a printer with more inks is preferable, as a more significant number of different inks allows for more delicate color gradations and, as a result, more realistic colors in your print.

Even the cheapest printers in this article offer a good number of inks, but you'll need a color-accurate monitor to get the most out of them.

Suppose you're currently utilizing a TN panel monitor (which is common among inexpensive brands). In that case, you should consider switching to an IPS monitor that covers as much of the sRGB gamut as feasible.

This guarantees that you see true colors on your screen, giving you a lot higher chance of getting your prints to look like you want them to.

If you already have a good monitor, apply the correct ICC profile to it. This adjusts the RGB colors on your screen to more closely match the CYMK-style colors on your printer.

The Printer's Ease of Use

The ideal starter printer should be simple to set up and use, with a simple menu system and software that works well with your computer.

The interfaces on all Epson sublimation printers are well-designed, and you should have no trouble utilizing them.

The interface on the Sawgrass sublimation printing versions is noticeably improved, with large, backlit panels and well-designed button locations.

Money Well Spent

Please note that any sublimation printer you purchase should be cost-effective, but this should go without saying.

I'll say that, rather than focusing on the printer's initial cost, you should consider how long you'll be using it and how many prints you'll produce.

If you calculate the up-front cost over this period and these copies, your opinion of a printer's value for money is likely to change favorably or unfavorably.


The best thing you can do is get a printer with the best connectivity.

In recent years, the majority of sublimation printers today have included WiFi. That can't possibly signify anything other than excellence!

You won't need a cable to connect your gadgets to them; instead, they'll operate seamlessly with whatever you're using them with.

Printing Speed

Another significant element to consider before making a purchase is printing speed. Each sublimation printer has a different printing speed. The pace also depends on the print quality you desire.

A lower-resolution print takes less time to produce than a higher-resolution print. Color and black-and-white prints move at various speeds.

Print Volume

Printing volume, like printing speed, has a monetary value based on how you use it.

A sublimation printer with a higher printing capacity is vital if you run a big-scale printing business requiring a large quantity of printed material in a short time.

To run a commercial firm, you'll need a sublimation printer that can print in large quantities. Therefore, it's highly advisable to look at the reviews of the best sublimation printers listed below before purchasing.

Varied sublimation printer models have different printing capacities and capabilities. High-end models can process thousands of prints in a single run. On the other hand, other machines do not have such a large output capacity.

Another consideration is your intended use and purpose.

Reviews of the Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Here are the top 11 best sublimation printers for beginners and expert sublimation craftsmen looking forward to trying a new sublimation printer for their sublimation business or hobby.

#1 Sawgrass SG500 – Entry-Level “Real” Sublimation Printer

Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer

The Sawgrass 500 Sublijet Kit takes the place of the SG400 as the entry-level sublimation printing kit with a two-year warranty.

This is also one of the best sublimation printers for beginners and newbies. It has one of the best print quality among the sublimation printers mentioned.

So the Sawgrass 500 is now recognized as the entry-level Sawgrass printer, and those who own one are usually entirely enamored with it, most especially by the print quality. They also tend to aim for the Sawgrass 1000 within a few years.

If you can't afford the 1000 but still want all the features and convenience of a Sawgrass printer, the Sawgrass 500 Sublijet Kit is a great solution. Especially if you're printing up to 8.5 x 14 inches and your budget is to buy an affordable sublimation with good print quality.

What are the Features and Specifications?

  • The Sawgrass sublimation printer should meet your expectations if you're getting into sublimation to make “smaller” items like mugs, jewelry, business cards, phone grips, children's tees, onesies, little flags, tumblers, keychains, hair bows, and so on.

The inkjet printer is highly recommendable and effective. It's also not difficult to figure out how to print bigger designs. People see it as the best sublimation printer for beginners.

  • And, if you want to sublimate onto light cotton (such as onesies), you'll be glad you chose the Sawgrass 500 over the Epson EcoTank, etc. Sawgrass printers allow you to use special sublimation paper like the Forever Subli Light, which will enable you to sublimate onto cotton.
  • Lastly, this Sawgrass printer is one of the best affordable sublimation printers compared to others in the market, especially the Epson printers. Why? Because the Epson workforce or Epson EcoTank models are expensive compared to the Sawgrass printers.

#2 Sawgrass SG1000 Sublimation Printer – Sublijet Kit

SG1000 SawGrass Sublimation Printer

HeatPress Nation's Sawgrass SG1000 Sublijet Kit is our next choice.

We suggest HeatPress Nation because they provide technical assistance, a free one-on-one session to help you set up your printer, and a price match promise. On top of that, they offer free shipping, financing options, and multiple warehouses around the United States, resulting in quick shipping! You won't find those advantages on eBay!

This sublimation printer is one of the best sublimation printers for beginners in search of print quality.

What are the Features and Specifications?

  • With the basic tray, the Sawgrass sublimation printer SG1000 prints on media up to 11 x 17″ (28 x 43 cm), making it the ideal printer for the developing business or ambitious entrepreneur. Apparel, soft items, and tiny to medium-sized photo panels are perfect.
  • The Sawgrass sublimation printer SG1000 is backward compatible with SG800 accessories, so if you already have an SG800 bypass tray, you may use it with the SG1000. This enables you to print on media measuring up to 13 x 51 inches (330 x 1295 mm).

Therefore, this sublimation printer can be considered if not the best sublimation printer for beginners, at least one of the best!

What are the Benefits of this Sublimation Printer?

  • It's possible that once you've used the Sawgrass sublimation printer in sublimation printing, you'll never want to go back.
  • Users will benefit from two-year warranties, video demos, tech support, a free design studio, and plug-and-play equipment because the printers are MADE for sublimation. This is as well one of the best sublimation printers.

However, the high price tag keeps many newcomers away from Sawgrass.

What are the Downsides?

  • It's a bit expensive compared to other sublimation printers like Epson, EcoTank, etc.

#3 Epson WorkForce WF-7720 – Top Pick for beginners to a Sublimation printer

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless

Why is Epson Workforce 7720 our top pick? It accomplishes all you need it to do at an affordable price. If you enjoy sublimation, you can later upgrade your Epson sublimation printer for a dedicated Sawgrass sublimation printer or keep it.

However, many entrepreneurs sell print-on-demand items with Epson 7720 printers and have no plans to upgrade because they are so good and can print up to 13 x 19 inches, which is uncommon!

Apart from this, over the years, Epson has proven to sell quality sublimation printers at affordable prices for both experts and beginners looking forward to starting sublimation printing. So if you're just starting and want to find the best sublimation printer, look no further!

Our top pick, the Epson 7720, is identical to the Epson 7710, except that you get two paper trays with the 7720.

What are the Features and Specifications?

  • The Epson sublimation printer: Epson WorkForce WF-7720 All-in-One Inkjet Printer, with PrecisionCore technology, can print up to 13 x 19″ and scan up to 11.7 x 17″, making it a versatile and powerful tool for producing high-quality images and sharp documents.
  • Printing, scanning, copying, and faxing
  • 4800 × 2400 dpi print resolution
  • Print Speed: 18 ppm Black / 10 ppm Color
  • Max Print Size: 13 x 19″
  • 1200 × 2400 dpi scan resolution
  • 11.7 x 17″ is the maximum scan size.
  • 2 x 250-Sheet Input Trays; 35-Sheet ADF; Automatic Duplexing; Mobile Printing machine
  • 4.3″ Color Touchscreen; USB 2.0, Ethernet, WiFi, and NFC; Rear Feed Slot

What are the Benefits?

  • Each tray can have a different-sized sub-paper, which is helpful if you frequently do small items like phone cases or earrings on top of large objects (e.g., welcome mats, blankets).
  • With two paper trays, you may keep sub-paper in one and standard copy paper in the other (convenient for nozzle checks and cleanings).

What are the Downsides?

  • Epson printers are not sublimation printers. After purchasing an Epson printer to convert it into a sublimation printer, you should buy refillable cartridges and a sublimation ink kit.

The refillable cartridges are then filled with sublimation ink, and the new cartridges are inserted into the Epson printer.

  • You can search for any technical assistance via Facebook or YouTube community groups (there are tons of them). Expect no support from Epson and assume converting a standard Epson printer into sublimation printing will void your printer warranty.
  • Nonetheless, because the price is so low, it's where most newcomers start.

#4 Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless – Top Sublimation Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Color All-in-One

Because of its better productivity, economical output, and range of connectivity choices, the Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Supertank Ethernet Printer is unrivaled in sublimation printing.

PrecisionCore Technology is one of my favorite features. With this best sublimation printer for beginners, you will obtain outstanding performance.

Epson ET-15000 has dimensions of 22.7 x 17.6 x 13 inches and weighs only 27.4 pounds. As a result, this is a highly portable product.

Furthermore, it makes use of a higher-density print chip. As a result, it can produce up to 40 million accurate dots in a second. This, of course, reflects the Epson ET-15000's excellent printing efficiency and precision.

Another excellent advantage is that you will prefer Epson ET-15000 to other options on the market because it is very cost-effective.

It will save 90% of sublimation ink consumption.

Another advantage is the decreased cost of the new bottle. You can preview, modify, and customize the prints with the 2.7-inch color touch screen.

What are the Features and Specifications

Here are some of the specifications and features of using this printer for sublimation printing:

  • You can save up to 90% on ink with low-cost replacement bottles.
  • The EcoTank ET-15000 wireless all-in-one, which features easy-to-fill supersized ink tanks, allows Cartridge-Free Printing.
  • Print, copy, scan, and fax with this 4-in-1 with wireless WiFi and Ethernet.
  • ISO Print Speed: 17 ISO ppm for black; 9 ISO ppm for color

What are the Benefits of Using this Sublimation Printer?

  •  Capacity to handle various types of paper
  • Unparalleled output
  • There will be no waste of ink

What are the Downsides?

  • Not the cheapest printer in our tests
  • You have to convert it for sublimation as it's a standard printer.

#5 HP ENVY Photo 7855 – Best Monochrome Printer

HP ENVY Photo 7855

It's yet another fantastic printer on my wish list!

This HP ENVY 7855 sublimation printer is perfect for images, detailed results, and emergency print photos.

I used it for a long time, and it did not disappoint me. It is the cheapest image printed by this printer, costing around 5 cents.

It has a dedicated photo tray, and you can easily configure it with WiFi, Ethernet, USB, Google Cloud Print, iPrint, and other connectivity options. Using a document scanner and a pdf scanner, scan your document.

The HP ENVY Photo 7855 only accepts HP 64 ink cartridges; using any other ink may cause the printer to malfunction.

Auto duplex, built-in ADF, email scanning capability, color touch screen, and many other features round out the package.

This sublimation printer outperforms other printers due to its superior printing quality and detailed image.

It works with both Windows and Mac OS Mobile phones, as well as a variety of printer connections. Use Alexa with HP Instant Ink to get the job done.

What are the Features and Specifications?

Here are the specifications and features of this sublimation printer for beginners looking forward to making borderless prints!

  • Color resolution of up to 4800 × 1200 optimum dpi (when printing from a computer on selected HP photo papers and Print in Max dpi)
  • It works with heat transfer
  • Printing area maximum (metric)
  • Thermal Inkjet from HP for borderless prints

What are the Benefits of this Sublimation Printer?

  • Printer That Isn't Expensive
  • Work only with HP ink.
  • 15 pages per minute are the page-producing pace.
  • Printing with inkjet technology
  • Connectivity that is simple and quick
  • Plain paper, photo sublimation printer
  • All-in-one printing is a feature that allows you to print many documents at once.

What are the Downsides?

  • The Internet connection may drop after some time.

#6 KODAK Step Wireless – T-Shirt Sublimation Printer

KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Printer

The Kodak Step wireless photo sublimation printer is small and portable. It's a great portable sublimation printer for your images and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Because of its compact size, you can carry this printer in your pocket. When I need a hard copy of a photograph, I use this printer, which is the finest for traveling.

The most advanced printing technique allows for one page of black and white printing for each mint and one page of color printing for every mint. This is the finest printer for travelers because it is a one-step printer that prints full-color images with just one click.

The best and most valuable feature is that ink toner is not required. Zink zero technology does away with the need for ink.

You can use a variety of effects and filters to enhance your images. Taking images with your phone is simple.

The images are bright, vibrant, and have a covering to protect them from water.

With five photo frames and some suitable ink cartridges, MC-20, MC-30, and MC-50, you can use them during your wedding and gatherings.

What are the Features and Specifications?

  • The print time takes 11 seconds for a 10×15 cm photograph (4×6-in) 18.5 seconds for a 13×18 cm photograph (5×7-in) 15×20 cm: 18.5 sec (6×8-in)
  • The maximum image area of this Borderless is 10×15 cm (4×6-in) Borderless 15×20 cm (6×8-in)
  • Sublimation of thermal dyes

 What are the Benefits of using this Sublimation Printer?

  • Lightweight and simple to assemble
  • Printer with instant photo creator
  • Printing on the go and in your pocket
  • A single charge of the battery yields 25 photos.
  • In terms of ink, you'll save money.
  • The image is both beautiful and detailed

What are the Downsides?

  • You cannot use it for commercial purposes.

#7 Brother HL-L3290CDW – Printer for Sublimation Printing

Brother HL-L3290CDW printer

We tested this Brother model and think it's the most excellent color sublimation printer with a little digital printer. It has a flat-bed copier and scanner, as well as color printing capabilities which enforce the sublimation printer to make good print quality.

It's simple to set up and connect. It's a quicker printer than its competitors, able to print at a rate of 25 pages per minute.

Because it uses laser printing technology, the pricing is reasonable, and the cost of replacing ink is low compared to other printers. Similarly, the inkjet printer is inexpensive compared to others and works efficiently with a superb quality that supersedes its pricing.

The best feature is Amazon Dash Replacement, which works immediately after activation, checks the ink level, and sends an alert when the ink runs out.

One of the finest features I discovered is that it comes with one set of starter toner cartridges. This toner is good for 100 copies; thus, I've found the best way to save money with this printer.

What are the Features and Specifications?

  • It is diagonally measured.
  • It comes with computer USB connectors.
  • I used IEC 62301 Edition 2.0 to measure the product.
  • Depending on the usage conditions, the power consumption varies slightly.
  • If the fan motor is working, LpAm = 33 dB. (A)
  • If the fan motor is working, LWAd = 4.67 B (A)

What are the Benefits of Using these Sublimation Printers

  • It's the color sublimation printer with the highest quality
  • The setup is simple, and the connectivity is excellent.
  • It has 250 pages of manual input.
  • It prints at a rate of 25 pages per minute.
  • With the help of an LCD, you may check out the most valuable functions.
  • It comes with automatic duplexing aids in paper conservation.

What are the Downsides?

  • It's pretty expensive compared to other

# 8 Brother MFCL2700DW All-In-One – Cheap Sublimation Printer

Brother MFCL2700DW printer

This is the heaviest printer in the Brother line, in my opinion. In terms of density, the richest (heaviest).

As a result, it is the most excellent sublimation printer due to its scan document, built-in ADF (auto document feeder), WiFi, and ethernet connectivity compared to the Epson workforce WF. Is it the best sublimation printer for beginners? Let's find out.

This Brother MFCL 2700 DW sublimation printer is well-known for printing plain paper and envelopes. It can also scan PDF documents. Save money by purchasing a toner and printer package.

This printer is fantastic and straightforward to set up; the working method is an excellent—easy and quick connection to a computer, laptop, or tablet.

It offers many advantages over inkjet printers, such as lower cartridge costs and less ink waste when replacing cartridges.

What are the Specifications and Features

  • It scans in black and white and also in color.
  • 600 x 2400 dpi Optical Scan Resolution (dpi)
  • B/W Laser Technology used for printing.
  • You can use it with Windows and Mac OS printer drivers.

What are the Benefits?

  • If you're considering saving money, use a toner instead of ink.
  • It is the most effective laser sublimation printer.
  • The connection and setup are simple.
  • It's a printer with two-sided printing.
  • Using plain paper and envelopes are the best candidates.
  • It's the most effective monochrome sublimation printer for beginners.

What are the Downsides?

  • It may be challenging to connect to the internet via WiFi.

# 9 Canon G7020 – Sublimation Printer

Canon G7020 All-In-One Printer

Canon G7020 offers excellent sublimation printing quality at an affordable price.

We verified all of the features listed below, which I recommend for home and workplace use. All of the components, including connectivity, functionality, and replaceable ink, are remarkable.

Printing with iPhones and iPads varies depending on the distance, and it's an inkjet printer that works like magic! Ink levels are easily visible. You can refill ink via special bottles.

What are the Specifications and Features?

  • It's Easily Refillable: The ink bottles make it simple to refill ink. It has an ink super tank and a transparent glass to check the ink level.
  • Connectivity: it works with 802.11 b/g/n and 2.4GHz for wireless communication. There is WiFi and USB connectivity. Use Google Cloud Print, Air Print, iPhones, and iPads to print.
  • Productivity: With a single bottle of ink, you can produce up to 6000 black and 7700 color pages. You get exceptional sublimation printing and scanning print quality.
  • Printing Quality: Print high-resolution images and documents that are crisp and clear. Print photographs in 3.53.5 and 8.511 sizes.

Therefore with this affordable sublimation printer that has an outstanding print quality, there is no reason why we shouldn't list this device among the best sublimation printer!

What are the Benefits of using this sublimation printer?

  • It is highly efficient and cost-effective.
  • If you plan to replace the ink tank, use a super ink tank.
  • One can print on each side
  • The Printing Speed is Quick
  • Easy to configure on a small LCD

What are the Downsides?

  • WiFi connectivity may be challenging.

# 10 Canon PIXMA TR4520 – Cheapest Sublimation Printer

Canon PIXMA TR4520 printer

We researched and tested this sublimation printer and discovered that it is an excellent printer for affordability.

It operates perfectly with Alexa, uses wireless connectivity, and works with mobile devices. Scanning papers, faxing, copying, and printing photos are all included in this pricing.

Laptops and PCs are simple to set up. It's fantastic for printing artwork, with the ability to print both sides.

This printer is suitable for both the home and the office. Indeed, you can print your artwork, to-do list, papers, and other printing items with Alexa. On top of that, there is also a one-of-a-kind feature called “auto duplex.”

To replace the cartridge, save about 10% of the ink. Legal, letter, US, and envelope paper sizes are all supported. It also prints shipping labels.

What are the Specifications and Features?

  • It comes with a Refillable Ink: On all ink reorders, the dash replacement method is used, which saves 10% ink. There is no monthly fee if you activate to measure ink levels and place smart reorders when they run low, and you can cancel your smart reorder at any time.
  • Connectivity: Wireless communication with your smartphone or tablet is simple to set up. The Canon Print App makes sublimation printing more convenient.
  • Productivity: Black printing speed (ISO) is around 8.8ipm, whereas color printing speed (ISO) is about 4.4ipm.
  • Works with Apps:  This sublimation printer works perfectly well with Alexa, and you may use Alexa to control the printing commands. AirPrint, Mopria print service, the built-in ADF, and the Canon print app are all supported.
  • Printing Quality: This is the cheapest printer with the best printing quality. The printing paper is 17.2 x 11.7 x 7.5 inches in size.

Therefore, this sublimation printer is suitable for beginners.

What are the Benefits of using this sublimation?

  • This is the most cost-effective printer.
  • Its connectivity is simple.
  • Save 10% on ink refills.
  • You can set it up in a flash.
  • ADF built-in
  • Its configuration is on a small LCD

What are the Downsides?

  • Its Ink Tank is more expensive than ink.

# 11 Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 Sublimation Printer Starter Bundle

Sawgrass SG500 starter bundle

The Sawgrass SG500 Virtuoso Sublimation Printer Starter Bundle may be the next step if you want to move forward with your print-on-demand business or hobby.

This little desktop printer can print on media up to 8.5 inches by 14 inches, which is ideal if you run a printing business or if sublimation printing is your hobby.

This Sawgrass sublimation printer is one of the best and most affordable Sawgrass sublimation printers. Offering sublimation printing by default, it's in the top list of the best sublimation printer for beginners.

What are the Specifications and Features?

  • High Speed (600×600 dpi) – 15 seconds. 29 seconds in high quality (600×600 dpi). 48 seconds for an advanced photo (1200×600 dpi).
  • Maximum Media Size: 8.5″ x 14″; Optional Bypass Tray: 8.5″ x 51″

The Sawgrass SG 500 is a high-tech dye-sublimation printer that employs the industry's most advanced inks and printing techniques. Check out the features and benefits below:

What are the Benefits and Features of using this sublimation printer?

  • It contains a Sawgrass-developed CreativeStudio Online Design Tool, including templates, graphics, designs, and fonts. You get all of that for free with your Swagrass purchase.
  • 1 brand new Japan-made Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Printer, backed by a 2-year warranty.
  • Sublime brand 8.5 x 11 Instant Dry Sublimation Paper, 110 Sheets, Made in Japan.
  • CMYK Starter Ink Cartridges in a Complete Set. Because the starter cartridges contain very little ink, you may want to purchase additional ink cartridges on top of your SG500 sublimation printer.

What are the Downsides?

The first installation may be challenging.

What you should know about the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 Sublimation inkjet printer

Sawgrass ink is significantly more expensive than other sublimation inks available. However, acquisition costs aren't the only factor to consider!

Sawgrass printers use a lot less ink than other printers.

To avoid clogging, all sublimation printers must print something several times per week. This is a very inefficient practice for most printers. You must also remember to do it! You can wind up with a low-quality print if you don't. Therefore, this might damage your printer as well.

Maintenance software included in the Sawgrass SG500 automates the nozzle clearing operation. Your Sawgrass printer not only cleans the nozzles as needed but also does it with very little ink.

Consequently, you'll save a lot of ink, have less work to do, and your printer will always be operational for your next assignment.

Secondly, the Sawgrass Virtuoso Print Manager software comes with the SG500. On every print, this intelligent software suite improves your colors. This optimization gives you bright, flawless output and utilizes the least quantity of ink possible.

You should use genuine Sawgrass ink, combined with Sawgrass print manager and maintenance software. That way, you'll ensure that your business uses the least amount of ink possible while easily maintaining your printer.

Not to mention totally optimized prints! These efficiencies, according to Sawgrass, result in the industry's lowest cost per page printing.

The brand new 3 features

Here are 3 new features that have been added to this sublimation printer:

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 printer replaced the SG400 printer. Indeed, the SG400 was a popular and successful printer. If you have one, you'll be happy to hear that most accessories are interchangeable between the two models and can be updated.

  • WiFi is available on the SG500:

Cables aren't required any longer. Even better, numerous computers can simply share a single printer.

  • Backlit LED Display:

This new function may not appear significant until you realize how much easier it is to operate your printer late at night in a warehouse or dimly lit area.

  • The setting for Ultra Fine Photo Print Quality

Ultra Fine Photo, the SG500's new print quality setting, is the “highest” quality print available. This option allows you to print at a resolution of 4880 x 1200 dpi for really spectacular results.

Final Thoughts

The number of options available may appear daunting if you're seeking to purchase your first sublimation printer. It all boils down to how much effort you're willing to put into the setup and how much money you're ready to spend.

Because many of these printers are designed for conventional printing, many users are unfamiliar with sublimation printers. Instead, these sublimation printers are intended for specialized uses, such as printing various materials to create custom-made items such as caps, purses, and mugs.

Whether you want to try out your concepts or start a small business, you've come to the perfect location. In this article, we've spoken about the top sublimation printers on the market and how to pick the right one for you.

You'll find all the information you need right here, making it easier for you to make decisions from the comfort of your own home. We'll also recommend a few of our favorites from this list to help you decide.

Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

If you only want to try out a sublimation printer and see how your unique designs look, a cheaper option like the KODAK Wireless is a good choice.

This picture printer is cheap and portable to move around with but can be used to print photos anywhere instantly.

However, because it uses a sublimation printing technique, it is an excellent choice for our list. You can print photos up to 4 x 6 inches with this printer.

KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Printer

Epson Workforce 7720 & Sawgrass SG500

On the other hand, we propose the Epson Workforce 7720 Printer for professional applications and businesses.

This is more of an exclusive deal than a regular sublimation printer and other top-notch quality prints an all-around sublimation printer should have.

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless

The Sawgrass SG500, on the other hand, is an excellent pick if you want the most straightforward guided setup process and the highest print quality for not much more than the Epson models upfront.

If you're looking for refills, remember that Sawgrass ink is more expensive, but after you see the prints, you'll agree that it's well worth the money.

Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer

Lastly, before buying a sublimation printer as a total beginner or an expert, kindly read through this guide we've provided for you above to decide on the best sublimation printer for beginners.

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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