Credit Repair Cloud Review 2024: Is it Worth the Hype?

Credit Repair Cloud review

By Ecombridges    •   Updated December 31, 2023

Are you considering using Credit Repair Cloud to help people improve their credit scores while building your credit repair business? If so, it's essential to have all the facts before deciding. That's why we've put together this comprehensive Credit Repair Cloud review for 2024.

In this article, we'll be looking at what makes Credit Repair Cloud (CRC) stand out from other credit repair software, its features, pricing plans, pros and cons, customer reviews, and our overall verdict on whether it is worth the hype or not.

Whether you're new to credit repair or an experienced user ready to scale your credit repair business with software, this comprehensive review will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about Credit Repair Cloud.

Let's dive into this Credit Repair Cloud review!

What is Credit Repair Cloud?

Credit Repair Cloud website

Credit Repair Cloud (CRC) is an online credit repair software designed to help professionals start, automate, and scale their credit repair business.

Daniel Rosen is the founder of CRC, who has over 20 years of experience in the credit repair industry.

CRC enables users to quickly and easily manage their clients' credit profiles. With its powerful tools and features, Credit Repair Cloud helps users to efficiently identify inaccurate negative items on credit reports, dispute them with creditors and the credit bureaus, track progress in real-time, manage client accounts and communication, generate comprehensive reports for clients, schedule payments for clients, and much more.

Credit Repair Cloud Performance

CRC got the Inc 5000 Award for America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

To this date, 20K+ “Credit Heroes” changed the lives of over 12.9M customers, with $197M processed.

49 of CRC's customers (Credit Heroes) joined the Millionaires Club after earning over $1,000,000 with Credit Repair Cloud.

Company Overview

Credit Repair Cloud

  • EASE OF USE: 4.9/5
  • SUPPORT: 3.5/5
  • PRICE: 3/5


  • Ease of use
  • Automate your business
  • Lots of business features
  • Comprehensive training


  • Premium pricing
  • Limited customer support

30-day Free Trial

30-day Money Back Guarantee

What Makes Credit Repair Cloud Stand Out?

Credit Repair Cloud stands out from its competitors by providing an end-to-end solution for credit repair businesses that is easy to use and highly automated.

It enables business owners to get up and running quickly with a streamlined setup process and provides them with the tools they need to manage their client's accounts effectively.

The platform allows users to create custom templates for client dispute letters, track progress on disputed items, generate reports for clients, and much more.

What Are the Benefits of Using Credit Repair Cloud?

CRC is an intuitive and powerful software that provides users with powerful tools to manage their credit repair company.

They Guide You By the Hand

Starting and growing a credit repair business can be overwhelming. Still, Credit Repair Cloud is here to make it easy for you. Their intuitive software will guide you every step of the way.

With their extensive training and resources, you'll have all the knowledge you need to succeed.

You'll receive extensive training and courses, plus free WebClass to provide a comprehensive education on the credit repair industry.

With Credit Repair Cloud, you can say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to a profitable and successful credit repair company.

Don't let the uncertainty hold you back. Take control of your future with Credit Repair Cloud today.

User-friendly interface

The easy-to-use interface makes it an excellent solution for business owners who don't have much technical experience while still providing them with the features they need to run and grow their businesses.

Custom templates

The ability to create custom templates for client dispute letters, track progress on disputed items, generate reports for clients, and integrate with other popular software makes Credit Repair Cloud an excellent choice for those looking to start or expand their credit repair business.


Credit Repair Cloud automation

Credit Repair Cloud is the ultimate solution for those looking to automate their profitable credit repair company. This innovative software offers a robust, streamlined platform that simplifies the credit repair process and saves you and your clients time.

With Credit Repair Cloud, you can quickly and easily access and analyze credit reports, automate disputes and correspondence with credit bureaus, and provide top-notch credit repair services to your clients.

This software has been designed with the credit repair business in mind, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking to grow their business and streamline their operations.

Whether you're a seasoned credit repair professional or just starting out, Credit Repair Cloud can help you achieve your business goals and deliver exceptional results to your clients.

Who should use Credit Repair Cloud?

Credit Repair Cloud is ideal for credit repair professionals, mortgage brokers, and entrepreneurs looking to streamline their operations, automate their business processes, and deliver exceptional results to their clients.


Credit Repair Cloud Entrepreneur

Starting a credit repair business can be profitable, and Credit Repair Cloud software is the perfect tool to help entrepreneurs succeed.

With this software, you can automate the credit repair process, freeing up time and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Credit Repair Cloud offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to access and analyze credit reports, manage client information, and automate disputes and correspondence with credit bureaus.

This software helps entrepreneurs build a successful credit repair business, and its robust features allow them to manage their business efficiently and effectively.

By investing in Credit Repair Cloud, entrepreneurs can take their credit repair business to the next level and benefit from a streamlined, profitable, and efficient operation.

Mortgage and Insurance Brokers

Mortgage brokers use Credit Repair Cloud

Mortgage brokers can benefit from Credit Repair Cloud by staying ahead in the credit repair industry and improving their client's credit scores.

With Credit Repair Cloud's powerful platform, brokers can perform credit audits, automate disputes with credit bureaus, and streamline their operations, resulting in more successful loans and happy clients.

Credit Repair Cloud Review – Trustpilot Score and Ratings

Credit Repair Cloud has an Excellent score of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot with 1900+ reviews:

Credit Repair Cloud Review Trustpilot

Credit Repair Cloud Reviews

In addition to our Credit Repair Cloud review, here's what customers are saying about CRC:

Credit Repair Cloud review
Credit Repair Cloud review

More Credit Repair Cloud reviews:

Credit Repair Cloud review

Credit Repair Cloud Software

User Interface

Credit Repair Cloud software boasts an easy-to-use user interface, making it an excellent choice for business owners with little technical experience.

The credit repair software's user interface is intuitive and easy to use. It provides all the tools a business owner needs to get started with credit repair.

Key Features

Let's dive deeper into the features of CRC in this Credit Repair Cloud review to help you decide if it's worth investing in.

The software also has sophisticated tools for automating many everyday tasks associated with credit repair. This includes generating and mailing dispute letters, tracking progress on disputes, managing clients, and more.

These features make Credit Repair Cloud software a powerful and user-friendly solution for businesses looking to provide credit repair services:

  • Automated Dispute Letters: Credit Repair Cloud software can generate customer dispute letters tailored to their specific needs with custom templates. CRC integrates with MailCloud to outsource batch printing and letter sending, so you don't have to do it yourself.
  • Client Management: Credit Repair Cloud software makes managing multiple clients easy, with powerful tools for tracking client progress and automating follow-up tasks.
  • Reporting: Credit Repair Cloud software provides comprehensive reporting tools that make it easy to track progress on credit repair projects, see where clients stand and create custom reports.
  • Integrations: The software also integrates with popular payment processors, CRM systems, and email marketing platforms like ActiveCampaign via Zapier to make the credit repair process even more efficient.
  • Credit Audit Report: the Audit feature offers a comprehensive report of current credit issues and how you can assist them. The Audit Report will act as a sales tool for you! Through this valuable tool, they'll understand that your services are essential to their financial success.
  • Schedule: The Schedule feature helps you plan and manage client meetings so you can be more productive.
  • Library: a vast document library offers over 100 templates customized to meet your needs and provides access to the Academy, a learning platform designed to sharpen your credit repair proficiency and business skills.
  • Score Analysis: You can use Credit Repair Cloud to compare your client's credit score before and after your services to monitor progress.

All Core Features

  • Complete dispute letter library (or add your own templates)
  • Instant credit audits
  • Streamlined credit dispute process
  • Intuitive CRM for sales teams
  • Robust affiliate tracking
  • Essential client and affiliate portal
  • Efficient batch printing
  • Comprehensive client onboarding
  • Secure digital signature capture.
  • Import online credit reports easily.
  • Perfect letter selection every time
  • Business metrics dashboard
  • 2 months of free website hosting for paid users
  • Effortless lead capture from any site
  • API/Zapier integration with thousands of apps
  • Dedicated support & software training
  • Credit repair education.

All these core features combine to make Credit Repair Cloud software an invaluable tool for credit repair businesses, helping them to streamline their workflows, save time and money, and improve client satisfaction.

Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 Update

In its latest update, Credit Repair Cloud introduced a range of new features designed to make credit repair even more straightforward.

These include:

  • Full user interface redesign, new modern look
  • Faster software
  • CloudMail: you can automatically print and mail your letters with just 1 click.
  • Track every letter in real time.
  • Streamlined client onboarding process to save you time.
  • Easy import and re-import of credit reports
  • CreditHeroScore: CRC's own credit monitoring service with the lowest price and the biggest affiliate payouts. Co-branding is free. However, you can still use your own credit monitoring with Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian.
  • New Credit Audit Report that helps you sell more.
  • Team Chat: to communicate with your team within CRC.
  • Easy Automations in a few clicks.
  • Direct integration with ActiveCampaign, the most popular email marketing software.

Credit Repair Cloud Pricing

Credit Repair cloud has 4 pricing plans. They differ by the number of active clients and team members you can have.

Credit Repair Cloud pricing

All plans offer unlimited storage, affiliates and leads, a private label client portal, and all their core features previously listed in this guide.

To become profitable, you only need a handful of clients willing to pay from $49-$99/month, the industry standard pricing range.

  • Start ($179/month) – Most Popular: up to 300 active clients, up to 3 team members.
  • Grow ($299/month): 600 clients, 6 team members.
  • Scale ($399/month): 1200 clients, 12 team members.
  • Enterprise ($599/month): 2400 clients, 24 team members.

Pay annually and get a 20% discount.

They also allow you to stay on your plan and add more clients or team members for an extra fee instead of jumping to the next plan.

Credit Repair Cloud Free Trial

Signing up for a free trial of Credit Repair Cloud is easy and takes just a few minutes.

You get a 30-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee – no question asked – so there's absolutely no risk.

To get started, simply:

  1. Go to the Credit Repair Cloud homepage, enter your email address, and click the “Try Free” button or the “Free Trial” button at the top.
  2. Create an account with your email address. Choose a secure password.
  3. You now see the Credit Repair Cloud dashboard, where you can access all the software's features and services.

Once you're up and running, Credit Repair Cloud gives you access to a powerful suite of tools to help you launch your business and manage your clients.

Credit Repair Cloud Pros & Cons


  • Ease of use: it's the most user-friendly credit repair software on the market.
  • Features: Credit Repair Cloud has all the tools necessary to help you manage, track and automate your credit repair business.
  • Automation: Credit Repair Cloud is packed with automation features that make managing your clients super easy.
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Client Portal
  • Security: Your client data is kept safe and secure with Credit Repair Cloud hosted in the cloud. Cloud providers must meet security and payment compliance standards, such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.
  • Training: Comprehensive training with the 14-day Credit Hero Challenge and the 6-week Masterclass.


  • Pricing: Credit Repair Cloud can be pricey, with a plan starting at $179/month.
  • Quota: their plans let you manage between 300 and 2400 active clients.
  • Support: Customer support can improve. Credit Repair Cloud can answer any of your queries about the platform. Yet, they won't take over running your business for you.

Credit Repair Cloud Integrations

Credit Repair Cloud integrates with the following:

  1. Zapier so that you can connect it to ActiveCampaign for email marketing, QuickBooks for accounting, or other external services.
  2. MailCloud to send out printed credit dispute letters for you.
  3. Stripe and PayPal for payment processing.

Credit Repair Cloud Training & Resources

They will hold you by the hand and take you through setting up and running a credit repair business. This includes training resources, such as the 14-day Credit Hero Challenge and the Masterclass.

They also have a comprehensive library of how-to videos, webinars, and other resources to help you get up and running with this credit repair software.

Credit Hero Challenge

14-day, Value: $1806; You pay: $47

In this 14-day challenge, you'll learn to generate your initial leads and results without any prior experience or costly investments.

You can get the Credit Hero Challenge during software signup for only $47 instead of $1806. It includes the following package:

  • 14 Days of Credit Repair Business Start-Up Training
  • Fast Track Credit Repair Business Roadmap
  • Credit Repair Business Workbook
  • Unfair Advantage Credit Repair Cheat Sheets
  • BONUS 1: Credit Repair Course Certifications
  • BONUS 2: “How Our Millionaires Club Winners Grew Their Business To 7 Figures”
Credit Repair Cloud review

Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass (6 weeks)

Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass

With their MasterClass, you get all their training AND 6 Month Full Access Account of Credit Repair Cloud software.

Ready to enter the credit repair industry? Join Daniel Rosen in his comprehensive 6-week Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass and discover why you can launch your own successful credit repair company without significant financial investments.

Learn all about how to set up shop from top-to-bottom, and gain access to invaluable resources that will put you on the path towards success!

Here is the content of their special offer:

  • Credit Repair Cloud: 6-Month Full-Access Account
  • 4 Week Build-Your-Business Masterclass
  • 14-Day Credit Hero Challenge
  • Live Software Training Classes
  • Marketing & Sales Bundle + Pro Website + 6 Months Hosting
  • Master Affiliate Sales Premium Bundle
  • Bonus #1 Advanced Disputing Course (First 30 Only)
  • Bonus #2 Master Automations Training & Cookbook
  • Bonus #3 Hire a Rockstar Team Training
  • Bonus #4 Build Business Credit & Offer as a Service

Overall, the resources available make Credit Repair Cloud an excellent choice for those starting out in the credit repair business or even more experienced users who need a refresher.

Credit Hero Community

When joining CRC, you become a part of their Credit Hero Community, thousands of people dedicated to helping others improve their credit and live their best financial life.

Boasting an ever-growing community of more than 30,000 Credit Heroes, they provide a vibrant discussion group with hundreds of messages posted monthly.

The Credit Hero Community is the heart and soul of this incredible platform. It provides a safe space to connect, share successes and challenges, and offer helpful insights.

Credit Repair Expo

Once you've completed the required courses, you can get an invitation to their annual Credit Repair Expo! By helping others with fixing their bad credit scores, you not only help in changing lives, but you also get closer to joining their Millionaire's Club!

Buyer's Guide: What to look for in a credit repair software

Credit repair software buyers guide

To complete this Credit Repair Cloud review, here's what you should look for when selecting the right credit repair software:

  1. Dispute Letter Templates: Ensure the software has a comprehensive library of dispute letter templates customizable to your specific needs. This will help streamline the dispute process and ensure that your letters are professional and effective.
  2. Import Credit Reports: Can the software easily import credit reports from the major credit bureaus? It will save you significant time and effort compared to manually entering data.
  3. Core Features: What are the software's core features? Does it include an audit feature to help you identify potential issues with your client's credit report? A robust audit feature is essential for a profitable credit repair business.
  4. Ease of Use: Consider the software's interface and ease of use. A user-friendly platform will make it easier for you and your team to work efficiently and effectively.
  5. Automation: it's related to the software's ability to automate many tedious and time-consuming tasks that come with repairing bad credit. Features like automatic credit report imports, a streamlined dispute process, and the ability to track dispute letters in real time can help you save time and increase the efficiency of your business.
  6. Security: the software should provide high security and data protection. Your clients trust you with sensitive information, and the software you use must have robust security measures to protect you and your clients.
  7. Training: This includes live software training classes and courses on how to run a successful credit repair business.
  8. Customer Support: Make sure the software provider offers good customer support, including live software training and access to a knowledgeable support team.
  9. Integration: Can the software be integrated with other tools and platforms you use in your business, such as your CRM or accounting software?
  10. Cost-Effective: Consider the cost of the software and compare it to the value it provides. Make sure the software offers a great return on investment.

In summary, when shopping for credit repair software, look for a solution that offers a full suite of features, including dispute letter templates, the ability to import credit reports, a comprehensive training program, and top-notch security.

With the right software, you can run a profitable credit repair business and help your clients repair their credit.

Before concluding this Credit Repair Cloud review, I would like to provide a step-by-step guide on how CRC works.

How-To Guide: How Does Credit Repair Cloud Work?

Step 1 – Client Onboarding

Credit repair cloud review: client onboarding

Credit Repair Cloud software makes it easy to onboard clients. Importing credit reports is quick and easy, so you can get to work right away.

  • Add New Client: With this feature, you can easily create a profile for each client, which includes basic information like name, address, and phone number.
  • Account set up: Your clients will receive an invitation email, where they can begin the process of setting up their accounts.
  • Onboarding: Your client will be guided through the entire process of signing contracts, verifying their identity, and initiating credit monitoring, all in one easy-to-navigate portal.
  • Select an Existing Client: After completion of the setup process, you can use the “Select an Existing Client” option to gain access to their credit reports, create dispute letters, issue invoices, and do many other activities.

Step 2 – Credit Report Analysis and Strategy Development

credit repair cloud review: credit report

Analyze the client's credit report to identify areas for improvement. The software shows you opportunities for disputing errors and areas where you can help clients improve their credit scores.

Then, develop a personalized strategy to repair their credit and a timeline of when to expect results. You should focus on one category of credit report items at a time. This can help you develop an organized dispute strategy that is most likely to be successful in removing negative items from the credit report.

Step 3 – Custom Dispute Letters Automation

Credit Repair Cloud automation

After customers sign up for credit repair, they can conveniently access their dashboard to explore the Pending Report tab.

On this page, you will find your client's credit reports. To dispute the items on their behalf, scroll through and click what needs to be addressed.

Then, you can indicate the reason for disputing, such as ‘inquiry not authorized,' and provide instruction on resolving it – e.g., removing the item from your credit report.

Now go to the Dispute Wizard, where you can pick out the type of dispute letter suitable for your needs (e.g., Round 1) and decide which items should appear in each credit bureau's letters.

Automatically create and send dispute letters with CloudMail, allowing you to form custom follow-up tasks should they be necessary. You can also send the letters to the credit bureaus if you don't want to outsource this tedious task to CloudMail.

Step 4 – Credit Monitoring: Monitor the progress of your clients

Credit Repair Cloud review: credit score

With Credit Repair Cloud's credit monitoring capabilities, you can stay ahead of the game and monitor your clients' credit repair progress in real-time. This software provides constant updates from all three major credit bureaus, ensuring that your clients are on track to repairing their bad credit.

As a credit repair business owner, having access to this information is crucial in making informed decisions and providing top-notch credit repair services to your clients.

With Credit Repair Cloud, you can stay ahead of the competition and take your credit repair business to the next level.

How to Manage Your Clients

The Client Management capabilities of the credit repair software make it easy to manage your clients. You can view their current status and credit repair progress, assign tasks, collect payments, and access any notes or documents shared between you and the client.

Start Your Own Credit Repair Business

Start your credit repair business

Starting your own credit repair business has never been easier. With a growing demand for credit repair services, there's never been a better time to help people repair bad credit and improve their financial standing.

Credit Repair Cloud's software provides you with everything you need to start your new credit repair business, from free training to the tools necessary to help your credit repair clients.

With a comprehensive platform and access to a wealth of resources, you'll have everything you need to start your own credit repair business and begin helping people take control of their finances.

Take the first step towards building a profitable credit repair business today. Try Credit Repair Cloud's software and see the difference for yourself!


Credit repair cloud review FAQ

How much money can a credit repair specialist make?

Credit repair agents/specialists can make from a few dollars to millions with their credit repair companies. It all depends on their experience, clients, and marketing.

What is the best credit repair software for professionals?

I recommend Credit Repair Cloud for professionals looking to start or grow their credit repair business. With its comprehensive suite of tools and features, Credit Repair Cloud offers everything you need to efficiently and effectively manage your credit repair clients.

Its user-friendly interface, robust dispute letter templates, advanced automation, ability to import credit reports and credit audit feature make it a standout solution compared to other credit repair software options.

Credit Repair Cloud also offers free training on top of the Credit Hero Challenge and the Masterclass and also support to ensure your success in the credit repair industry.

So, whether you are starting a new credit repair business or looking for a way to enhance your existing business, Credit Repair Cloud is the go-to option.

Is Credit Repair Cloud legit?

Can you trust it? Yes, credit repair companies trust CRC. Credit Repair Cloud was founded in 2002 by Daniel Rosen. Since then, over 20,000 people have started their credit repair business, with 49 joining the Millionaires Club. CRC processed $197M for over 12.9M credit repair clients.

They have an “Excellent” Trustpilot score of 4.8/5 with about 2000 customer reviews. CRC is the best credit repair software on the market, and the amount of good Credit Repair Cloud reviews confirm that.

How much does Credit Repair Cloud cost?

Credit Repair Cloud has 4 pricing plans to choose from, depending on the complexity of your credit repair business. Most people prefer the “Start” plan, priced at $179/month.

You'll typically charge your customers $49 to $99/month, so you only need a few customers to become profitable.

When you scale and need more clients (300+) or team members, you can go for their “Grow,” “Scale,” and “Enterprise” plans, from $299/month to $599/month.

Is Credit Repair Cloud worth it?

Yes, Credit Repair Cloud is worth it. It offers the tools, resources, and expertise to run a successful credit repair business. You can reach profitability with a few clients and good marketing strategies. CRC provides everything you need to learn the credit repair industry and effectively fix credit at scale.

Do I need a credit repair certification or license to start?

You don't need a license or certification to start a credit repair business. However, it may help you build credibility and trust with potential clients. Check with your state or local government for the specific regulations and requirements in your jurisdiction.

Who is the owner of Credit Repair Cloud?

Credit Repair Cloud is owned and operated by Daniel Rosen, who founded the company in 2002. Since then, Credit Repair Cloud has grown to become one of the leading credit repair software solutions on the market.

What is the Credit Repair Cloud customer service number?

You can see their phone number on their Contact page.

Can you make good money doing credit repair?

Yes, many credit repair businesses are very successful. The key is understanding the industry, developing effective marketing strategies, and providing quality service to your clients.

Credit Repair Cloud can help you set up your business, provide the tools and resources to streamline the process, and help you build a successful credit repair service.

Verdict: Credit Repair Cloud Review

Credit Repair Cloud is an excellent choice if you're looking for easy-to-use, reliable software to get your credit repair business up and running quickly.

It provides powerful tools to manage your business and allows you to get up and running with minimal effort quickly.

Indeed, with its powerful tools and features, Credit Repair Cloud helps users efficiently identify inaccurate negative items on credit reports, dispute them with creditors and the bureaus, track progress in real-time, manage client accounts and communication, generate comprehensive reports for clients, and more.

Credit Repair Cloud is worth considering for those looking for a complete end-to-end solution for their credit repair business.

The powerful features, user-friendly interface, and automation make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to start or expand their credit repair business.

Try Credit Repair Cloud now and launch your own successful credit repair business.


The guides and information on this website are purely for educational and informational purposes. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice, nor does it replace the necessity of professional legal counsel. Please consult with a local lawyer to avoid legal trouble, as consumer credit laws differ from state to state.

I am an independent Credit Repair Cloud Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Credit Repair Cloud. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Credit Repair Cloud.

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