Top 10 Ultimate Tips to Run Digital Marketing for eCommerce in 2024

Digital marketing in ecommerce

By Ecombridges    •   Updated January 1, 2024

How can eCommerce businesses leverage digital marketing? If this interests you, check out the top ten ultimate digital marketing tips for eCommerce sites.


Are you looking for tips to leverage digital marketing for your eCommerce business? Well, you are not alone. We have been inundated with requests to write on ‘how eCommerce business owners can market their website online.’

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If you are looking to drive brand awareness, build brand reputation, and generate sales through digital marketing, you have landed just on the right page.

We will share why digital marketing is the way forward for an eCommerce business and the best digital marketing tips you can implement in 2024. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

Why run digital marketing for eCommerce businesses?

But, why use digital marketing in the first place? We believe digital marketing is the key to eCommerce success as it helps generate online traction by using the already established online marketing channels. You can reach millions of people and experience explosive growth in the number of people landing on your site.

It gives new eCommerce businesses an opportunity to conduct extensive competitors’ research to sustain themselves in the industry. You can easily sneak into the competitors’ marketing insights and use their tactics to level up your marketing game.

Digital marketing strategies for your business
Digital Marketing Strategies to promote your business – source: Aweber

The most important reason why we recommend digital marketing is its ability to target qualified internet users. You can run highly targeted online marketing campaigns and generate better results than traditional marketing methods. The information can also help influence customer’s purchasing decisions!

You can track and monitor strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and more. Not just that, you can even optimize the campaigns in real-time.

Moreover, digital marketing is an accountable, cost-effective, data-driven, and result-oriented marketing strategy that facilitates the optimum use of your eCommerce marketing budget. With digital marketing, you are in complete control of your eCommerce marketing strategy.

Best digital marketing tips for eCommerce business in 2024

Now that you know why online marketing is useful for eCommerce, it’s time we figure out the best digital marketing tips and tactics for eCommerce websites. Let’s jump in!

1. Build responsive mobile-friendly websites

Modern-day consumers browse the internet on different mobile devices, and therefore, your eCommerce site must run perfectly on them. How can you achieve that? Give your site a responsive design, i.e., one that can adjust to different screen sizes. Responsive design is an important ranking factor for Google and a necessity to deliver a seamless customer experience.

2. Create personalized landing pages

landing page

As we mentioned earlier, you can segment the audience and figure out the online users you should target. You can create personalized landing pages with that information and further improve your conversion rates. We suggest you develop personalized landing pages for every demographic you wish to target.

As the idea is to personalize the landing pages, you will have to come up with an original landing page design and copy as well. The design and copies should influence the target demographic.

3. Test different site elements for performance

But, how would you know if the different landing pages or the eCommerce website will perform as expected? Personalization is only effective when the landing page generates results. Therefore, test the pages before you set them live. Thankfully, digital marketing allows you to test elements like website design, copy, CTA, pop-ups, and even the customer journey.

Tools like HotJar, Google Optimize, and Google Analytics can help you figure out where customers spend their time the most on your site. Keep testing the elements with these tools until cart abandonment and bounce rates drop.

4. Cross-sell and upsell to boost order value and revenue

In your quest to personalize the customer experience, you can also come up with product recommendations that will complement the purchases, i.e., cross-sell to increase the order value. Suggest products that will go well with the items in the cart. Turn your website into a salesperson that will cross-sell and increase the average order value.

You can even use digital marketing to upsell, i.e., persuade existing customers to purchase a more expensive solution or product. These tactics can single-handedly boost your eCommerce revenue. This is a time-tested digital marketing tip you can implement by making minor changes to the website code.

5. Allow users to leave feedback

get customer reviews to improve your e-commerce business

An eCommerce business thrives on word-of-mouth marketing. After all, people are interested in knowing what other customers have to say about your products. Allow them to leave feedback on your site. The reviews help potential customers make better purchasing decisions and trust your eCommerce brand.

However, make sure you respond to the reviews, even if they are negative. It shows that you are professional and care about customer experience.

6. Establish your expertise online

Reach out to influencers and bloggers in your niche and ask them to publish content in their online space. This simple digital marketing tactic can help generate awareness for your eCommerce brand. Just write high-quality and informative content and ask the bloggers to publish it on their high-authority websites.

Moreover, find out if they are willing to link to your eCommerce site. If they do, it will immensely help you drive traffic from the content to your site and further boost sales. The traffic from high-authority sites will even facilitate your link-building endeavors – a crucial aspect of SEO.

7. Publish informative content on the site

Create content on your site for SEO to attract traffic
Create amazing content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You should not circumvent this digital marketing tip because it will keep generating results for a long time to come. Content, ladies and gentleman, is what will take your eCommerce business to the moon.

Conduct extensive keyword research to find out what the target audience is searching online. Then use that information to create high-quality and informative content that solves problems. You can create blog posts, guides, infographics, videos and post them on your site.

Optimize the content with target keywords to boost its search engine rankings. The higher the rankings, the more people will land on your eCommerce site.

8. Advertise on social media

Leverage social media growth for your business by establishing a strong social media presence. Indeed, there are many social media channels to choose from. But, we suggest you focus on a few to channelize your efforts. After all, social media is a crucial digital marketing element that can extend your online reach and drive more traffic to your site.

Create a social media content calendar to regularly post new content and strengthen your bond with the target consumer. Share content that is relatable and that showcases the human side of your eCommerce brand. Once you are well-established, run social media ads to generate leads.

9. Run email marketing campaigns

Use email marketing, one of the best digital marketing strategies

Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing strategies that can set your eCommerce business up for long-term success. We highly recommend capturing information of visitors interested in your brand.

Collect personal information like name and email to send personalized emails via an email marketing campaign. Keep the subscribers up-to-date with your brand and notify them of upcoming offers, sales, and discounts.

You can even implement email automation to deliver automated emails whenever a visitor purchases products on your site. Use email to establish a connection with the customers and develop a strong relationship with them.

10. Keep up with the latest eCommerce trends

Lastly, never sit still in an industry as volatile as eCommerce. There’s always something new happening around the world that can impact eCommerce. You should be ready to implement recent trends and best practices to establish market authority.

Keep making changes to your eCommerce website and marketing campaigns that are in the best interest of your business. Being an early adopter of major eCommerce trends will help you stand out.

Keep reading!

There you have it. We have shared some of the most crucial digital marketing tips to help your eCommerce business grow manifold. Indeed, your eCommerce will have to face fierce competition in 2024.

But, the tips mentioned above will help you lay a solid foundation for your business and give it a massive competitive edge.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these eCommerce digital marketing tips and take your business to new heights. Loved reading this post? Don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!

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