22 Best Jobs Where You Work Alone (2024)

jobs where you work alone

By Ecombridges    •   Updated December 31, 2023

Are you considering jobs where you work alone? Let's face it: introverts don't have it easy when it comes to finding their ideal positions. Most jobs today require individuals who will work in crowded offices or interact with other employees and clients regularly.

Considering that introverts mostly thrive in solitude, such careers only weigh them down, preventing them from giving their very best and being productive.

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So does this mean that all hope is lost for introverts, career-wise? Absolutely not! Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs that introverts can take on, jobs that allow them to work alone and avoid the hustle and inconvenience of working in office spaces.

And the best part about these jobs is that they accommodate all sorts of skills, expertise, and passions. So whether you are a tech geek, love teaching, or simply enjoy the company of pets, just to mention a few interests, you can rest assured of finding an ideal job for yourself.

In this article, we discuss the 22+ best jobs for working alone and the benefits of these types of jobs. Read along!

What are the Best Job Ideas for Introverts?

Consider these 22 different jobs where you work alone and still offer you great financial benefits:

1. Affiliate Marketer

affiliate marketing is a job where you work alone

With affiliate marketing, you promote products and services to your target audiences and then earn a commission for every sale you make.

Usually, affiliate marketers promote goods for startups and more established companies, which makes it an ideal job for introverts as it saves you all the hustle of dealing with wholesalers and customers. Indeed, you don't need any customer service skills; you need to know a bit of copywriting techniques.

Also, affiliate marketing is straightforward to manage, as you can advertise your affiliate products through online marketing, such as with SEO and social media content creation, strategies you can achieve in solitary working environments.

Indeed, being an affiliate marketer is one of the best passive careers introverts can engage in. You will get to enjoy great flexibility by working at your own hours, secure a good passive income, and most importantly, enjoy independence.

I monetize Ecombridges partly with affiliate marketing by partnering with SaaS software companies for recurring affiliate commissions, as well as brands selling physical products. It lets me work alone to generate traffic for brands in exchange for commissions.

Anyone can start an affiliate business. You can create your WordPress website and promote brands you love and use. It takes time to create content and get organic traffic from Google, but it's worth it in the long run.

It took me at least 6 months to get my first affiliate commission on Ecombridges after I created tens of articles and ranked them on Google.

You can also start a YouTube channel if you prefer to create video content instead of writing articles. It's easier to get traffic to your videos as a solo creator than dealing with the high competition on Google search, competing with big established brands.

Read more about the best cameras for YouTube in our dedicated guide, as well as all the equipment you need on YouTube.

When you have traffic, register to the brand's affiliate programs and start earning money while you work independently as an affiliate contractor.

2. Freelance Writer

freelance writer is one of the jobs you work alone

There are many jobs that you can take up as a freelance writer; introvert jobs that you work alone. For example, you can become a blogger, essay writer, content marketer, or article writer.

Try freelance writing, especially if you're an introvert who is good with words and can tell a story. It's even better to learn copywriting to create persuasive content that can sell.

Personally, freelance writing has proven to be just what I needed. As someone who enjoys alone time and solitude, article writing has given me the chance to make a living while still enjoying some me-time from the comfort of my home.

Besides earning a reliable income, this line of career has also allowed me to explore different niches, in turn helping me build a better portfolio. Indeed, I could not wish for something better than this!

3. Technical Writer

Another job where you work alone: technical writer

If you have the skill of simplifying complex information, then the best decision you can make is to become a technical writer. The main role of a technical writer is to write documents that are clear, concise, and easy to read. These include guides, instruction manuals, online content, and other bigger writing projects.

Technical writing work mainly involves researching and writing, both roles that you can achieve in a solitary environment. And even though sometimes you may need to consult with other experts, such cases are minimal and do not call for lengthy social interactions.

4. Online Tutor

jobs where you work alone include being a content creator

The thing about in-person tutoring is that you get to interact with your students regularly, eventually leading you to bond deeply and get involved with each others' businesses. Yet, this is not something that introverts look forward to. And this is why, if you love tutoring but are an introvert, the best option would be to sign up as an online tutor.

Online tutors offer their teaching services through virtual platforms so that they never meet with the students in person. It is the lack of extensive interaction and flexible schedules that make this one of the best jobs where you work alone.

For example, we created Ecombridges Academy using Learndash, a popular LMS platform. LMS stands for “Learning Management System”. It would help if you were tech-savvy to configure LearnDash. If not, look at one of the best online course platforms we cover in our exhaustive guide.

For example, platforms like Kajabi, Thinkific, Podia, or Teachable let you create and sell online courses quickly without requiring technical skills. However, you rely on their platform. It's not self-hosted on WordPress like with LearnDash.

You can learn entrepreneurial skills in our academy with free and premium courses. For example, we currently offer these courses for free:

If you see this on time, you can still take our courses for free before we turn them into paid courses.

If you want to teach online, the first step would be to create lots of quality content to build an audience. As an introvert, you can publish on X(Twitter), LinkedIn, your blog, or create YouTube videos.

Choose a platform to get started and publish consistently at least once a week. Add another platform only after you get good traction on the first one or if you feel it would be a better fit for you. The thing is to maintain focus!

YouTube is the best platform to create a strong connection with your audience to build trust.

If you want to avoid building an audience and a personal brand, you can also teach on marketplaces like Udemy or Skillshare. You will likely make less money as you're dependent on their rules, but it's worth it to test your online teaching skills and make some money.

5. Freelance Graphic Designer

Become a freelance graphic designer and work alone

Graphic design is an ideal profession for introverts with a creative flair. It involves crafting unique designs for clients, such as business logos, website logos, and other company or individual projects.

Most of the work of graphic designers can be done remotely and from the comfort of your very own home.

Furthermore, the job allows you to work independently on projects that match your skills and interests so that you get to have fun while making some profits, the perfect win-win situation.

If you want to go this route, I recommend you use Adobe Creative Cloud, the best graphic design software suite. It includes Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and much more. Or, check our article about the best graphic design software to decide for yourself.

Learn graphic design first, create your website, and build a portfolio with your own websites or your first design projects you offer for free or for an attractive price.

After you get a reputation, raise your prices and land more clients. You can also get clients from marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork, but competition is tough, so you should be patient.

6. Web Designer

web designer, another job where you can work alone

Can you create good websites for individuals and businesses? If so, becoming a web designer should be at the top of your list. This line of profession requires creative individuals who can create appealing websites and come up with unique designs.

And so far, there is a great demand for web designers who can create a good web design. So even if you take up this career as your part-time or remote job, you can trust to attract many clients and make good cash out of it.

You can charge a website, most often between $1000 and $5000, depending on the complexity. Consider designing e-commerce stores, as you can usually charge much more money for them.

You can use frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and popular frameworks or libraries like React and Angular for your web design projects. Design your interfaces using Figma and use Adobe Creative Cloud or Canva for your graphic assets.

7. Software Developer

jobs you work alone: software developer

Software development has recently become one of the top-most sought careers, especially in the modern world where businesses go digital.

There is a high demand for backend and full-stack web developers who can create SaaS software.

Not only do these jobs pay well, but they also allow individuals to work remotely and set up their schedules.

If you are always up to date with modern technology and know how to code, consider becoming a software developer.

Learn programming languages like Ruby, Python, PHP, and Javascript. You can then build software with frameworks like Ruby on Rails (Ruby), Django (Python), Laravel (PHP), or with Node.js. These are essential technologies used by startups.

You can even build your own SaaS software to try the entrepreneurial path.

8. Computer Programmer

computer programmer

What makes computer programming one of the best jobs you work alone is that most of its activities involve working independently.

As a computer programmer, you have to write codes, test computer programs to ensure they are working correctly, and manage software.

You will also be required to solve any coding issues. While this may take most of your time, the good thing about it is that you will get to enjoy a solitary working environment.

Indeed, you can find remote work for an established company to work alone, and it tends to pay well.

An alternative to programming would be to provide technical support for a company, for example, as a system engineer.

9. Social Media Manager

social media manager, one of the top jobs where you work alone

You might think that being a social media manager is something that requires excessive exposure to the public. After all, social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, are mainly used for posting pictures and showing off one's lifestyle, posts that put you out there.

Yet, the opposite is true; the role of social media managers is actually solitary. This job revolves around solitary activities, such as creating online content, planning the release of posts, analyzing performance metrics, and managing multiple organization's social media accounts.

Hence, as a social media manager, you get to work behind the scenes, never visible to the public eye.

You will need a social media scheduling tool to automate posting on social media for your clients. Brands love to automate their social media marketing campaigns, so if you can provide such a service for them, you'll likely make big bucks.

Consider creating a social media agency if you love building relationships and managing people, or offer your social media management services as a freelancer if you're introverted.

You can also market yourself as an agency to have this professional image and work alone in the background. Freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork can help you when you feel overwhelmed or if you need extra skills to complete your projects.

10. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

become a Pinterest virtual assistant (VA)

What comes to your mind when you hear of “social media?” Well, most people would think of Facebook, X (Twitter), and Instagram, with Pinterest as the very last thing that comes to mind. Yet, the truth is that Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms used by businesses and big companies.

And with the growing popularity of this platform, there is an ever-growing need for virtual assistants who can manage these accounts.

Hence, if you know a thing or two about social media and want to exclude yourself from other socially exhausting careers, consider becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant.

11. Pet Sitter

pet sitter, an ideal job for introverts

Ask any introvert, and they will tell you that pets make better companions than people. And this is what makes pet sitter jobs among the best work-alone jobs for introverts.

As a pet sitter, you take care of pets whose owners are either working or away doing other activities.

This side hustle will include feeding the pets, providing them company, and sometimes walking them. And since you will be spending more time with your furry friends, you will have less time for human interaction; just the ideal situation for you. Being a pet sitter is an excellent side job where you work alone.

12. Bookkeeper

become a bookkeeper and work alone

Are you good at math and finances? Bookkeeping is just the ideal job for introverts who love working with numbers, are good with details, and have excellent organizational skills.

This role involves managing the financial aspects of a business or individual, from maintaining accurate documentation to organizing finances and working to determine foreseeable financial consequences.

Also, as a bookkeeper, you must help your clients achieve accurate financial records that comply with all the set rules and regulations.

The best thing about bookkeeping activities is that they do not require you to work in-person or in crowded offices. After all, you can access all data online and work on them from the comfort of your home or office.

13. Accountant

accountants use to work alone

Businesses are always looking for professionals who can help them manage their finances. They need qualified accountants who can track profits and help them prepare accurate company financial records to comply with legislation and reduce potential future risks that could result from poor management of finances.

Since you can do these roles in quiet, solitary environments, you do not need to shy away from applying for any accounting jobs that come your way.

And considering how great in-demand accountants are, you can be guaranteed good pay and good job security and stability when you take up an accounting job.

14. Data Entry Clerk

a data entry clerk is one of the best jobs where you work alone

The primary role of data entry clerks is to input data for firms, update information, and manage organizational data accurately. Since such work requires much use of computers and other systems, you will have less social interaction as a data entry clerk.

Also, even if some data entry jobs require you to go in-person to the office, high chances are that you will be provided with a quiet office setting since data entry calls for great focus, minimal disturbance, and a more peaceful work environment.

15. Transcriptionist

transcriptionists work alone too

Transcribing jobs involve listening to audio recordings and converting them into written text or documents. For example, you can help create legal or medical records.

You can transcribe from anywhere, provided you have a laptop/PC and a good internet connection. And since they require significant focus and attention, these jobs are ideal for introverts with good listening and typing skills.

You can either look for transcribing jobs online or offer your services to organizations that need these services and work from the comfort of your home space.

16. Photography

try to be a photographer, one the best creative jobs you work alone

Photography is one of those exciting hobbies that you can turn into a fulfilling career. With a good camera and the ability to create visually appealing art, you can monetize your photography skills.

Not only does this particular art give you more opportunities to capture breathtaking moments, but it also allows you to experience beautiful nature while enjoying your solitude.

What's even better is that photography also allows you to explore different niches and showcase your creativity through the lens. So if photography is your thing, consider improving your skills and taking it up a notch, from your passion to your career.

17. Research Scientist

research scientists often work alone in their laboratory

Another ideal job you can pursue is science research. As a researcher, you get to work in a laboratory or within a research facility, collecting data, performing experiments, and analyzing your results to make conclusions.

This role allows you to delve deep, analyze key findings, and make significant discoveries in the field of science.

Considering the great weight of the activities, research scientists usually work in controlled laboratory settings with minimal disturbances and social interaction. It is this aspect that makes research science an ideal career path for introverts who prefer quiet working conditions with less human contact.

18. House Cleaner

house cleaner is a great job for introverts who like to work alone

Contrary to what most people think, house cleaning jobs actually pay a lot. Indeed, research shows that house cleaners in the US earn an average annual salary of $30,276 or $14.56/hour in 2024.

And to add an icing on the top, house cleaning services are ideal for introverts as they offer the independence and solitude they yearn for. How so?

Well, since cleaning involves cleaning and tidying up spaces, the occupants tend to vacate temporarily, leaving the space to allow the cleaners to do a thorough job. This means less social interaction for you.

More so, if you love working alone, you can offer your services as an independent contractor, then hire your team of cleaners to do the job and save you all the hassle of going to work in-person and interacting with others.

19. Instacart Shopper

Become an Instacart shopper and deliver food packages while working alone

Instacart is an app that displays different customers in need of specific orders. As an Instacart shopper, your role is to fulfill the grocery orders for the customers of your choice.

Grocery shoppers work independently as they get to choose which customers they would like to deliver orders for, then shop for their needs from local stores and deliver these to their doorstep at their own pace.

Once the customer pays for your service in the app, you can cash out within just a few hours. And if your customers are impressed by your service, they can even tip you extra!

20. Personal Stylist

personal stylists like to work alone

Do you have a keen eye for fashion? Or do you love following the latest trends in fashion, even coming up with creative designs yourself? If so, consider pursuing a career as a personal stylist.

The primary role of personal stylists is to offer fashion advice to clients and help them find the best outfits. And the best part about it is that you get to work one-on-one with your client, hence no need for further interactions with other employees.

21. Truck Driver

truck driver, among the jobs where you work alone

Truck drivers usually work alone to transport goods to distant locations, sometimes even to other countries. And such long-hauling means limited social interactions for you, as you will spend most of your time on the road.

In addition to giving you all the solitude and independence you love, being a truck driver also allows you to explore and work on your flexible schedule.

The main downside of this profession is that you may be forced to spend much time away from your family and loved ones. Also, with the advance of AI and self-driving technology, truck drivers risk losing their jobs in the long run, replaced by autonomous trucks.

22. Food Delivery Driver

deliver food to clients while working alone

There are plenty of food delivery services that offer part-time job opportunities to individuals. These include Uber Eats, Zomato, DoorDash, Domino's Pizza, and FoodPanda, to mention a few. When you sign up to work for these, you will be hired to deliver food from restaurants to customers, either at their homes or workplaces.

In most cases, you only need to leave the food items at the doorstep. And even if you need to pick up the payment in person, there will only be minimal face-to-face interaction. What's even better is that as a food delivery person, you will have more opportunities to earn tips and boost your overall income.

Benefits of Working Alone

Working alone provides lots of benefits to introverts and shy individuals. And unlike what most may assume, working alone doesn't necessarily mean that you will feel lonely and isolated. On the contrary, it means that you will work in a conducive environment that will allow you to focus and be even more productive.

Consider these four benefits that you stand to gain from jobs that let you work alone:

1. More Freedom and Independence

work alone to get more freedom

Working alone gives you more independence than working in the traditional office environment. Not only will you have more control over your work, but you will also be able to make quick and better decisions as you won't need to consult with other employees.

2. Minimal Distractions

working alone lets you focus

Solitary work environments allow you to work alone or with few people. Therefore, you will have fewer distractions and more time to focus on your work. Better focus and minimal interruption increase productivity.

3. Flexible Schedule

jobs where you work alone offer you extra flexibility

Most work-alone jobs are usually part-time, allowing you to work during specific times and hours. Such flexibility makes it easier for you to plan your time to balance work and personal life.

If you don't want to be an employee but value freedom, consider becoming a freelancer or entrepreneur. Read the blog or join our academy as we teach you how you can start and grow your online business!

4. Less Stress

experience less stress while working alone

If you have spent time with an introvert, you most probably have heard them say that they need to “recharge” from time to time. Indeed, being out in public and engaging in lengthy conversations tends to drain them, increasing their stress and anxiety.

Hence, for an introvert, working alone helps to keep their anxiety and stress levels in check since they have reduced social interaction. And when they can work calmly and stress-free, their productivity increases, and they can express their unique, creative ideas more freely.

If it sounds like you, you're probably an introvert. There is nothing wrong with that. It only means you need alone time to recharge, while extroverts get their energy from social interactions.

FAQ – Jobs where You Work Alone

freelancing FAQ

Do I Need a Bachelor's Degree for Jobs Where I Work Alone?

do you need a degree to find a job where you can work alone?

Some job positions, such as computer programming and software development, require you to have a bachelor's degree or a similar certification in the subject.

Even so, there are plenty of jobs that let you work alone and do not require you to have a degree. Even with a college certification or just a high school education background, you can take up many jobs in different fields.

What are the Best Jobs for Introverts or Someone Who's Really Shy?

what are the best jobs for introverts?

If you're an introvert, you likely thrive in settings where you can work alone. Imagine a job that minimizes social interactions, letting you dive deep without constant interruptions. In these peaceful environments, you can truly focus, allowing your talents to shine and ensuring you deliver your very best work.

If you're an introvert, consider roles like a research analyst, where you can delve deep into data without constant meetings. Or a freelance writer, crafting stories or articles in your own serene space. Even positions like graphic design or software development allow you to immerse yourself in creative projects, often with minimal distractions.

How Can I Gain Experience or Learn More for a Job?

never stop learning

If you are an introvert looking to excel in a career, you would do well to advance your knowledge and experience. For instance, take up online courses on the subject you are looking to venture into.

Also, look for internships in companies related to your line of work and take up entry-level positions to gain more experience.

Most importantly, attend all important webinars and networking events in your region, as these expose you to potential clients and customers.

Conclusion: Best Jobs Where You Work Alone

Who said that introverts have to hold back when it comes to finding work? There are plenty of work-alone job opportunities for shy individuals and introverts who prefer having their own space.

This article has discussed 22 of the best jobs where you work alone. These jobs cover various fields, passions, and areas of expertise.

Here are some of the best jobs for working alone:

  • Affiliate marketer
  • Freelance writer
  • Online tutor (personal brand)
  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Software developer

So, if you are the sort that shies away from social interactions, don't let this hold you back. Take up one or more of the careers mentioned above, make it your own business, and start earning good profits for yourself while enjoying all the solitude and independence that you deserve!

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