Dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify: A Complete Guide (2024 Update)

Dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify

By Ecombridges    •   Updated January 1, 2024

In this guide, we are going to show you how you can do dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify. Dropshipping is the perfect business for someone to run if they want to sell products but do not want to hold any inventory.

Dropshippers are the middleman between buyers and sellers. If you're going to become a dropshipper, I recommend you list products on Amazon or Shopify.

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When a customer places an order, you fulfill that order by buying from another seller who will send the product directly to your customer. Most successful dropshippers are great at marketing their products and attracting buyers through their advertising efforts.

It seems relatively simple to make money this way, but there are specific rules you must follow to keep customers happy and returning to your store to keep buying, and from making sure your store does not get banned by violating any of these rules. We will cover them later in this article.

Dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify

dropshipping from Amazon

Amazon is one of the most trusted brands today when buying products online.

They have the reputation of being fast and reliable, which makes them the perfect brand to dropship from.

To sell on Amazon, you must first get approved for an Amazon seller account. Next, you need to get approved for your product category.

Once approved, you can dropship through their FBA program (Fulfillment By Amazon). Amazon carries your inventory once you ship it to them, and then they ship it directly to your customers after getting an order.

Since Shopify partnered with Amazon in the past, you could add Amazon as a sales channel to your Shopify store. As it's not supported anymore, you will have to install a dedicated app from the Shopify App Store instead. The situation can evolve, so please refer to the Shopify Help Center for updated information.

Next, you need to create listings for your products, but make sure you specify another brand that makes the product. Shopify can track your inventory so that customers only order products in stock.

Rules You Must Follow

rules you must follow when doing dropshipping

You must follow a few fundamental rules to keep your account from being banned.

First of all, you must be responsible for accepting and processing customer returns of each of your products, be the seller of every one of your products, and identify your name as the seller on all packing slips and other information on all your products.

On top of that, you are never allowed to purchase products from another retailer and have that retailer ship the product directly to your customer.

You also cannot ship orders with a seller name other than your own on invoices, packing slips, and additional information.

Keep in mind that you will also need a barcode for each product before sending it to an Amazon fulfillment center.

Make sure to follow these rules to keep your customers and the people at Amazon happy.

Amazon Dropshipping Pros and Cons

dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify


One of the most significant advantages of dropshipping from Amazon is the large audience they have. Amazon has more than 300 million active users today, a huge market to take advantage of. Every month, over 213 million unique U.S. visitors use Amazon.

Other pros are vetted dropshipping suppliers and more discoverability opportunities exist.


The cons of Amazon dropshipping are that there is no customization. All the marketing and branding for your store are under Amazon's control.

You also have monthly inventory storage fees when using Amazon FBA for the storage space you use in their fulfillment centers. Fortunately, it is not the case when you do classic dropshipping with Shopify and AliExpress, where you don't need inventory.

Other cons include no long-term connections with customers as Amazon doesn't give you the contact details of your customers. You have limited exposure to sales data, and the initial upfront investment is inconvenient compared to opening a dropshipping store on Shopify.

Shopify start your low risk dropshipping business

You will need to differentiate yourself to stand out on Amazon. Indeed, you have a lot of competition between Amazon sellers and intense downward pressure on the prices you can charge.

On top of that, you have massive competition from Chinese sellers having access to lower wholesale prices with a production of most dropshipping products in China.

This lack of control can be tough on entrepreneurs with a creative vision who want more creative control over marketing and branding. It also can be challenging if you try to establish relationships with customers so that they keep returning to you over time.

White Hat vs. Black Hat Drop Shipping

black hat versus white hit when doing dropshipping

White Hat

White Hat dropshipping techniques allow you to grow your brand for the long haul. The methods are what Amazon wants all sellers to abide by, and it creates trust with customers so that they keep returning.

White Hat techniques are abiding by the rules. Make sure your product descriptions are accurate, your reviews are genuine and never fake or paid for, and you never keyword stuff or sell products from your Amazon Prime account instead of an Amazon Seller account.

Black Hat

Black Hat dropshipping techniques are the opposite. These techniques are often immoral and even illegal.

Sellers who use this strategy are often just looking for a quick buck, disregarding customer satisfaction and their long-term business plan. These methods include excessive keyword stuffing in product descriptions to rank higher in SEO.

Another black hat technique is using your Amazon Prime account and entering your customer's address. These methods could lead to suspension and even a lifetime ban from Amazon.

Best Amazon dropshipping software

use apps for dropshipping from amazon to shopify

The best Amazon dropshipping software includes Merchant Words, which is excellent for analyzing keywords to see which words provide the highest search volume and data.

Another great software was the Amazon sales channel app. This app allows you to fulfill Amazon orders from your Shopify account and manage your inventory.

Unfortunately, Shopify mentions in its Help Center that the Amazon sales channel is no longer supported. Instead, you will have to install a dedicated app on the Shopify App Store.

FeedCheck is also an attractive service because it will enable you to monitor and respond to customer reviews, which helps with brand loyalty in the long run. You can also analyze your competitor's reviews which can help you improve your products.


As you can see, running a dropshipping store is one of the best opportunities for entrepreneurs in 2024. You can increase your success further by exploring different dropshipping options, such as dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify. Amazon and Shopify are two of the biggest eCommerce brands today, and combining the two will help your online store immensely.

As long as you take the time to read each of these steps and follow them correctly, you can easily handle dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify. Make sure you follow each company's policies and guidelines so that you leave customers happy and your account doesn't get suspended or banned.

If you own a Shopify store and plan to implement drop shipping from Amazon to Shopify, leave us a comment below. We love hearing from our readers!


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