Shopify Thank You Page URL: How to Find and Customize Your Page

shopify thank you page URL

By Ecombridges    •   Updated July 11, 2024

This comprehensive guide will show you where you can access your customer's Shopify thank you page URL and how to modify your Shopify thank you page to improve your customer experience and boost your sales.

Think about this: You go to a shop and buy several products worth hundreds of dollars. Then when you head to the cashier, they do not even bother looking at you. And after packing your items, you leave without hearing a simple “Thank you” or “Come back again” from the cashier.

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While that won't be the end of the world, most customers agree that such experiences are among the worst they encounter from business people. After all, we are humans and yearn for attention and appreciation. So when store owners go without commending or thanking their customers, this is usually translated as poor customer service.

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Saying thank you to customers is pretty much easy when you have an offline (brick-and-mortar) store. However, it can be pretty challenging when you have an online store. This is why we recommend you set up your online store with platforms that make it easy to thank your customers, and one such platform is Shopify.

Shopify offers a Thank You Page URL that makes it possible to appreciate customers and give them a quality shopping experience. But how exactly does this page URL work? And how can you make the most out of it? Read on!

What is a Shopify Thank You Page?

The Shopify thank you page is the order confirmation page or order status page; they are all synonyms. It is a page where customers are directed after completing their purchase action in the store. As its name implies, this page provides a brief thank you message from the store owner, a statement that genuinely appreciates the buyer for completing that final purchase action.

Also, the default Shopify thank you page provides customers with a summary of all the orders they have made and detailed shipping updates. The platform recently offered an updated Shopify thank you page URL where sellers can thank their customers for other activities besides purchases.

For example, sellers and store owners can thank their customers for downloading their e-books, signing up for newsletters, and registering for free trials. And by showing such appreciation, your customers feel valued. In turn, this encourages them to come back and make more purchases from your store.

Advantages of a Great Shopify Thank You Page URL

The following are three significant benefits you can gain from having a well-structured thank you page URL:

1. More repeat purchases

customize your Shopify thank you page URL to increase customer satisfaction

According to business statistics, returning customers generate more sales and revenue than new customers. Therefore, while it is still crucial to work towards attracting new customers, you need to put more effort into retaining your existing customers.

The Shopify thank you page enhances customers' shopping experience by making them feel valued and appreciated. In turn, this encourages customers to return, creating exponentially higher returns for your online store.

2. Increased AOV

increase your average order value

AOV (Average Order Value) is the average amount of cash customers spend per purchase. By helping you retain your customers, an optimized Shopify thank you page enables you to increase your AOV. After all, returning customers usually spend more on their purchases than new customers, considering they already have good prior experience with the brand.

Do you want to optimize the content of your Shopify Thank You Page to boost your sales?

You'll need to use an app like ReConvert, the most popular and affordable post-purchase upsell/cross-sell app on the Shopify App Store. It's 100% free for up to 49 monthly store orders, and you can check their pricing page if you have more orders.

I use ReConvert on my online stores for the custom “thank you” page and their 1-click post-purchase upsell/cross-sell funnel builder. You should expect to reach 15% more revenue with the ReConvert app used by +40 000 Shopify stores.

3. More Referrals

try to create word of mouth with an outstanding customer service

If someone told you to choose between an entirely new store and another that your friend referred you to, which would you choose? Well, the answer is obvious. We all want high-quality and durable products. This is why we are more likely to go to stores that our friends refer us to, trusting we will get a similar good experience.

A Shopify thank you page allows you to offer the best shopping experience to your customers. Your customers then refer your site to their friends and family members through word of mouth or social media platforms.

Hence, you not only get to retain your original customers but also get more new ones without even advertising your own business.

Where can you find your Shopify Thank You Page?

There is no such thing as a single thank you page with Shopify. Each order has its own thank you page, which Shopify calls the “order status page,” with a dedicated URL containing a unique ID. You can customize this thank you page or add conversion tracking.

You must go to your orders to access the Shopify thank you page URL. You select the desired order to access the details and click on “More actions,” as shown below.

Select “View order status page” to view the thank you page for that order.

Shopify thank you page URL: order status page
Click on “More actions” and select “View order status page” to access the Shopify thank you page URL

Why Should You Customize Your Shopify Thank You Page?

why you should customize your Shopify thank you page

The default (or standard) Shopify page only features a “Thank You!” message with the buyer's information. While it is usually clean and organized, it is so simple that it doesn't entice the customers to keep on checking the other products in the Shopify store.

Therefore, you should customize your page to generate more sales for your business rather than settle for the standard Shopify thank you page. A customized thank you page does more than help you improve your customers' shopping experience; it also allows you to engage them even after making their purchases.

The following are five practical tips on how you can customize your Shopify thank you page and make it more enticing to customers:

  • Personalize your customers' purchases – The standard thank you page offers order details and information about the buyer. However, when customizing your URL, add a personal, heartfelt message to your customers.
  • Offer incentives for every referral – Your customer made a purchase means that they loved your product. Therefore, they are just the ideal advocates for your online store. With a referral program, your customers will be more encouraged to bring more referrals to your store.
  • Offer enticing discounts – Cross-sell and upsell products or even offer enticing discounts with coupon codes.
  • Allow your customers to track their orders – Rather than provide your customers with a tracking number that is too complicated, include all the tracking details on the Shopify thank you page.
  • Engage on social media platforms – Add clickable share buttons where your customers can easily share their purchases on social media platforms. Also, encourage them to follow you on your social media handles to get updates on sales and ongoing discounts.
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How can you customize your Shopify Thank You Page to Boost Your Sales?

You can use the ReConvert app in the Shopify App Store to customize your thank you page. ReConvert is one of the most popular apps on the Shopify App Store, trusted by more than 40,000 merchants. I use it myself on my Shopify stores.

Customize your Thank You page with ReConvert

Optimizing your thank you page is essential as all your customers see it just after placing an order. They also see it each time they want to track their package, as you can include their tracking code on their thank you page.

The ReConvert app lets you customize your thank you page entirely in a few clicks to optimize it for conversion.

Sales Funnels with ReConvert: Upsells & Cross-sells

Besides that, what I love about ReConvert is its sales funnel builder. Indeed, you can offer upsells and cross-sells to your customers just after they complete their purchase and before showing your customized ReConvert thank you page.

Imagine your customer buys an item from your store, and you get the money after completing this first transaction. You have zero risk. Your transaction is done.

Then, ReConvert shows an offer to your customer, for example, an upsell inviting them to buy more of the previously purchased item. Or you can also display a complimentary product (cross-sell offer).

If your customer declines the offer, you can show him a “downsell” offer, less expensive than the previous one. On the contrary, if he accepts your initial offer, you can show him a new offer he might like too, more expensive this time.

Your customer accepts your offers in 1 click (OCU offer – 1 click upsell); he does not have to enter his bank details again!

After your customer goes through all your offers, you show him the ReConvert thank you page with an extra discount for buying your store and other products he might like.

The ReConvert app is 100% free for up to 49 monthly store orders, so it's perfect if you're just getting started. You can check the other plans offered by ReConvert; it's very affordable.


Retaining a customer is a skill that every business person should master. Not only does it guarantee more sales and referrals for your business, but keeping customers is much cheaper than acquiring new ones.

The first step to encouraging your customers to return is creating an enticing Shopify thank you page URL. Therefore, if you are looking to make more sales and add your list of loyal customers, implement the above-suggested tips in your business.

Never settle for the default page; always choose a customized thank you page for a more successful online store.

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