Silkroad Dropshipping Review: a Good Alternative to AliExpress Dropshipping?

Silkroad dropshipping, now Zendrop: should you use it?

In this guide, we provide a detailed, honest review of what Silkroad dropshipping is, how it works and why you should consider using it in your dropshipping business. The company is now rebranded to Zendrop with a new website and the launch of an app on the Shopify App Store.


There are hundreds of ways you can make money online. Still, dropshipping remains one of the biggest revolutions made in the online market. This business model allows you to sell products without having an inventory or physical access to the products.

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What's even better, being an e-commerce business, you can carry out your dropshipping business from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your very own home.

Considering all that dropshipping has to offer, it is no surprise that more platforms are now offering dropshipping plugins or apps. Some of them help connect suppliers with owners of dropshipping stores (or sellers). And one such dropshipping service that has gained high popularity recently is the Silkroad dropshipping app.

You might be among those who haven't yet heard of the new app. In this article, we provide a detailed, honest review of what Silkroad dropshipping is, how it works and why you should consider using it in your dropshipping business. Read on!

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What is Silkroad Dropshipping?

Silkroad is an e-commerce marketplace that functions to connect suppliers with dropshipping store owners and merchants. It was recently rebranded to Zendrop, following the new implementations and features added to make the users' experience much better.

It is available on the Shopify App Store so you can add Zendrop to your store in 1 click.

This dropshipping app features a list of US suppliers from whom you can import products to your store. Also, Silkroad / Zendrop dropshipping features a dashboard that can be used for tracking sales and shipments. Besides, if a seller prefers, they can use the app to automatically sell and fulfill orders.

Unlike most dropshipping plugins, Silkroad does not include inconveniences, such as poor customer support, long shipping times, and poor quality products. It is one of the most reliable online retailers in the market.

Silkroad also offers additional services, such as quality US-based customer support and customization branding for all your packages.

zendrop silkroad dropshipping
Zendrop, previously Silkroad dropshipping

How Does Silkroad Dropshipping Work?

The Silkroad dropshipping process is not as complicated as most people presume. In fact, it only involves four simple phases, as outlined below:

Phase 1 – Linking Your Store

Zendrop (the rebranded Silkroad plugin) will link with your store so that you can start importing and selling products immediately. As previously mentioned, you can find it in the Shopify App Store.


Phase 2 – Selling Products

You can begin selling imported products from your dropshipping store.

Phase 3 – Fulfil

You can set Silkroad so that it automatically fulfills your orders. Alternatively, you can choose to fulfill all your orders manually by simply clicking on them.

Phase 4 – Shipping

The Zendrop service takes care of the shipping; it handles all details and ships the products from the supplier to the customer.

Features of Silkroad Dropshipping

zendrop silkroad dropshipping features

As mentioned at the onset of this article, there are numerous dropshipping apps offered in the market. So what makes Silkroad Dropshipping special and unique?

Consider the following 11 features that make this dropshipping app stand out from the rest of the plugins in the market:

  • Faster shipping times – With Silkroad Dropshipping, you can expect to get deliveries within just 5-7 days. This is a much speedier delivery time compared with that offered by other competitors in the industry.
  • US-based customer support – The fact that the customer service team is located in America means that you won't have to worry about a 12+ hour difference when dealing with Silkroad dropshipping.
  • Automatic order fulfillment – If you like, you can use Zendrop to automatically fulfill all the orders for you. This saves you all the hassle of having to click every individual order manually. After all, the dropshipping plugin automatically sends all orders from the Shopify platform to the customers.
  • Faster and easier dropshipping process – When working with Silkroad dropshipping, you don't have to carry out the processes all alone; the plug-in helps you in every step. Hence, the process becomes faster, easier, and very cost-effective.
  • Bulk ordering – This is a white-glove service provided to only the high-volume dropshipping. With the bulk ordering service, you can easily review and fulfill orders with just a single click.
  • Private labeling – Silkroad offers its high-volume business clients a private label option that can help to develop their brand.
  • Custom packaging – This is an additional service provided by Zendrop; your packages can be customized as per your tastes and preferences.
  • Live chat – Most dropshipping plugins do not offer live support services to their customers. On the contrary, Silkroad provides live chat and prompt answers to all the support questions asked by their customers.
  • Thank you letters – Zendrop also provides attractive thank you letters (branded as per your request) that you can use in your store.
  • Branded invoicing – Silkroad dropshipping allows you to add your logo, store name, and address on every order invoice. The main advantage of doing so is that it adds a more professional appeal to your products and orders.
  • Different pricing plans – Silkroad offers three main pricing plans: Silkroad Free plan, Silkroad Pro plan, and Silkroad Select plan.

Should You Use Silkroad Dropshipping?

Should you use Silkroad dropshipping? Now Zendrop.

Considering all the benefits and features provided by Silkroad dropshipping, this Shopify app is undoubtedly worth using. In fact, Silkroad offers more benefits than those provided by AliExpress dropshipping.

After rebranding Silkroad dropshipping to Zendrop, the marketplace added a team of skilled workers. In addition, the platform is optimized to ensure that they give customers the best experience ever.

Besides, Zendrop establishes strong relationships globally, having suppliers from Australia, China, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Canada, and the US. Therefore, you are guaranteed reliability and diversity when it comes to supplying products to customers. What's even better, the faster processing times mean that your customers will enjoy prompt deliveries and shipments.

Bottom Line

Silkroad dropshipping is just the ideal app you need for your dropshipping business. It offers multiple benefits for both you and your customers; you get to enjoy a much easier dropshipping process while your customers enjoy the best customer service and prompt delivery of products.

So unless you want to miss out on all those benefits, sign up for your Zendrop plan today and make your dropshipping business a profitable and easier one!


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