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sarah chrisp net worth wholesale ted

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Sarah Chrisp is an inspiration to many people. This young New Zealander has created massive success for herself as an online entrepreneur, e-commerce expert, and successful YouTuber. You may be wondering, what is Sarah Chrisp's net worth, age, and Shopify store?

Sarah is very private; she has revealed very little about herself over the years. As humans, we are nosey and want to know everything about people, especially those doing so well in life and from such a young age.

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Sarah Chrisp's Age

At first glance, Sarah Chrisp's age is a bit of a guessing game. She does have videos that refer to how she made money in her 20s, leaving the impression that her age would be in the range of late 20's early 30s.

However, in the comments section of a Youtube video she published on August 13th, 2021, Sarah publicly mentions that she is 30 years old, so we can estimate that she was born in 1991.

Sarah Chrisp Wholesale Ted
Sarah Chrisp age - Wholesale Ted
The screenshot was taken on January 4th, 2022. Credit: Sarah Chrisp – Youtube

About Sarah Chrisp

When checking out Sarah on Instagram, it's easy to tell she is a dog-loving, coffee-drinking, globe-trotting kind of gal. With a beaming smile, it is hard not to like her immediately.

What captures most people's attention is that Sarah figured out how to make money online at a young age. Not just a little money but large sums of it.

sarah chrisp net worth
What is Sarah Chrisp's (Wholesale Ted) Net Worth?

Sarah's YouTube channel focuses mainly on helping people interested in Dropshipping and E-Commerce achieve financial freedom through their endeavors. She even offers a free eBook on her website Wholesale Ted called “The 6 steps that 6 figure stores follow to make $10 000+ a month”.

Believing there is room for everyone in the industry, Sarah offers up her knowledge of turning a profit and creating a comfortable life for yourself and your family for free in her eBook.

What Is Sarah Crisp's Net Worth?

While there are no real numbers online about Sarah Chrisp's net worth, it's not hard to speculate that she does well for herself.

She posted several videos on YouTube about her income from her various online ventures. A couple of those videos are “The real reason I became a millionaire in my 20's” and “How I built 5 income streams in my 20's that earn $1000+ a day,” making it not hard to guess that she has a net worth of a million-plus dollars.

Still, again this is not an actual number of Sarah Chrisp's net worth, just a guess based on some of her content.


How Sarah Chrisp got Started

At the age of 15, Sarah was a clerk in a discount supermarket in New Zealand. It wasn't exactly her favorite place to be. I mean, what 15-year-old love their job.

While loathing her supermarket job, Sarah discovered that she could purchase used games overseas and re-sell them to her local Gamestop. Taking advantage of Gamestop's used game policy, she created an impressive side hustle of up to $1000 a day.

She then took the opportunity to quit her supermarket job to get a taste of entrepreneurship.

Sarah Chrisp's Net Worth & Income Streams


Sarah has a YouTube channel called “Wholesale Ted.” This channel has a ton of great content to help people make money online through print-on-demand, dropshipping, e-commerce, and other passive income streams you can take advantage of online.

Starting this YouTube channel back in 2014, the channel has since grown to 850K+ subscribers and more than 160 videos.

The “Ted” in the title is said to be Sarah's partner. This channel is a team effort, with Ted as the content writer and Sarah as the brand's face.

Aside from making money from videos on YouTube, Sarah has made money from ads on her channel. she talks about her earnings in her video “How much did YouTube pay me for 1 million views?”

Ecomm Clubhouse

Sarah offers a course on her website, teaching you how to make money with dropshipping and e-commerce stores. The course costs $67 US per month, and you also receive a subscription to the membership platform that offers ongoing support throughout your journey.

This course and membership are potentially interesting for people who want to build their online stores, offering you guidance from someone who has apparently been so successful with dropshipping, print-on-demand, and e-commerce.

Some of the things you'll learn in the course are:

  • How to create a product to sell with on-demand video training.
  • In-depth tutorials teach you how to use online tools and e-commerce apps.
  • Tips on how to make your business legit from a legal standpoint.
  • 10+ hours of video training about print-on-demand, dropshipping, and e-commerce stores.
  • Case studies of successful online stores and what makes them profitable.

In addition to all this potentially valuable information, Sarah will also break down the steps to build your online store from scratch in 6 steps.

There is a priori a lot of value packed into this course, even if I didn't buy it myself, so you shouldn't just rely on my opinion when considering joining the Ecomm Clubhouse.

In another video, she explains her different sources of income created in her 20s, including affiliate marketing.

Dropshipping/Print on Demand store

sarah chrisp net worth and her print-on-demand store

Sarah is tight-lipped about her Dropshipping/print-on-demand store. Sarah Chrisp's Shopify store is full of her print-on-demand products.

If you are unfamiliar with print-on-demand, it involves a supplier who will manufacture and ship your products with your custom designs when ordered. Depending on the supply, you can design clothing like shirts, hoodies, mugs, phone cases, and other merchandise.

You create a design to put on the items, then market them and sell them in your Shopify store. Once someone places an order, your design is printed onto the ordered merchandise and shipped out.

You are saving the headache of storing, shipping, and delivering your products.   

Sarah Chrisp does mention her income from time to time on her YouTube channel. She says she makes $2000 per day in passive income from her print-on-demand store in a video on her YouTube channel. She brings organic traffic mainly via SEO and meme pages/viral posts she manages on social media such as Instagram.

It is safe to say she makes a pretty good income from her print-on-demand store, even if we don't have an exact number.

I think it's also fair to say that Sarah Chrisp is a big advocate for developing a side hustle online; an interview was done with Sarah; when asked about having a side hustle, her reply was:

“Having a side hustle diversifies your income streams and makes you more financially resilient. We are taught to diversify our investments, so we should apply that same advice to our income sources and diversify them too.”

Sarah Chrisp

Seeing ordinary people like Sarah Chrisp make a fortune online and then help others succeed the way she has makes her an inspirational woman, a wonderful human being, and a great role model for future entrepreneurs.

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