Sarah Chrisp Wholesale Ted: Sarah’s Bio, Net Worth, Youtube Earnings (2024)

wholesale ted sarah chrisp net worth

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Sarah Chrisp is a successful entrepreneur from New Zealand dealing in the realm of e-commerce and passive income. Her claim to fame is print-on-demand and dropshipping, a business technique that she operates through Shopify.

Dropshipping is an online store management technique where someone organizes orders and transfers them to wholesale suppliers. The wholesale suppliers then ship out the products.

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Sarah Chrisp’s Shopify store

sarah chrisp shopify store
Sarah Chrisp keeps her Shopify store mysterious

Sarah Chrisp’s Shopify store is an important asset in her financial success. It is a print-on-demand store combined with a more classic fulfillment method for the products she wants to dropship.

Indeed, she mainly uses Printful as a premium print-on-demand supplier. It also provides a storage service in its fulfillment center, allowing her to ship dropshipping products to US customers with fast shipping.

On her Youtube channel, she also mentions Printify as an alternative, cheaper print-on-demand provider that she uses as a backup but which does not provide storage service.

By using a fulfillment center/warehouse to ship her products, she is using a logistics process similar to Amazon FBA, a fulfillment method where vendors send their items to Amazon, where they are then stored, packed, and shipped.

Besides dropshipping and print-on-demand, Sarah Chrisp also dabbles in many forms of passive income. Making money online has become a passion of hers. Earning money passively comes up in her Youtube videos as the main goal of hers.

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Sarah Chrisp, a big advocate of Print-on-Demand

sarah chrisp print-on-demand store
Sarah Chrisp loves print-on-demand, a way to make passive income

She preaches the importance of print on demand, which is an online business model that uses printing technology to print texts and graphics on products such as t-shirts, cups, posters, and furniture upon order. 

This method limits waste as you create the final product after you get an order, resulting in less trash. On top of that, logistics are entirely delegated to print-on-demand partners such as Printful or Printify. Everything is automated for you. With classic dropshipping, you have to order from your supplier yourself each time you receive an order, which is not the case with print-on-demand.

Another benefit of using print-on-demand is access to fast shipping, as Printful and Printify have warehouses locally to cover the US and European markets. You also get access to high-quality products selected by these print-on-demand companies instead of random dropshipping products you get from China on AliExpress. 

Another advantage of print-on-demand is that you sell customized products with greater perceived value to your customers. There is also the possibility of having more sustainable print-on-demand products. The downside of this business model is that you have fewer margins because the print-on-demand partner takes a large part of the added value.

Sarah Chrisp's various Income Streams

As an online businesswoman, Sarah Chrisp profits from her subscription service Ecomm Clubhouse (giving access to courses), her Shopify store, Youtube ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and more. We do not have an opinion on Ecomm Clubhouse as we did not purchase it ourselves.


She keeps her life reasonably private, sharing limited information about herself online through her website and Youtube channel called Wholesale Ted. She is the face of Wholesale Ted, which is highly successful, having 850K+ followers.

Each video tends to rack up hundreds of thousands to millions of views, making Sarah Chrisp an internet sensation educating her audience about practices to reach economic success. She has also proven herself to be a reliable source of information as a Shopify-approved educator and an official Shopify partner.

Wholesale Ted Youtube Channel, A Major Income Stream

Seeing the time she spends maintaining her personal brand on Youtube and her huge audience, it is more than likely that she derives her income primarily from her Youtube channel and not her print-on-demand/dropshipping store.

Indeed, as a creator on Youtube, she gets 55% of all advertising revenue on her videos, with the remaining 45% going to Google. On top of that, she says that she earns around $10K/month as a Shopify partner, promoting Shopify on her Youtube channel. The sale of courses and a subscription service to her massive Youtube audience is a major source of income for her.

Sarah Chirsp’s net worth

Sarah Chirsp’s net worth is closely guarded information. Because of her many business ventures and Wholesale Ted, Sarah's net worth has skyrocketed in the last decade. Based on the Wholesale Ted Youtube channel, Sarah Chirsp’s net worth is in the millions of dollars. From the information she shares publicly, it is estimated that she racks in roughly $50,000 per month.

Sarah Chrisp’s age is a ripe 30 years old at the time of writing this article (she was born in 1991). However, she began working in an online business as a 15-year-old girl. These statistics make her the most successful female e-commerce educator.

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Wholesale Ted Sarah Chrisp’s introduction to eCommerce

Her first business plan revolved around a popular video game marketplace, GameStop. GameStop has soared into the spotlight in recent news, but it was once a simple store that paid a lot of money for out-of-stock games. Sarah Chrisp recognized the demand for certain games and began to purchase them from overseas to flip them for a profit.

As just a 15-year-old girl, Sarah Chrisp found herself making over $1000 per day at certain points. If you don’t believe it, check out her storytime on her Youtube channel, where she goes into depth about the details of her startup side hustle. After that, she moved away from the GameStop realm and began to sell the games on her own through a new e-commerce store.

The Rise of Sarah Chrisp – Becoming a Youtube Sensation

You may be wondering why her channel is named “Wholesale Ted” rather than “Wholesale Sarah.” The reason is that she has a behind-the-scenes mentor who has helped her reach the point of success that she is at. It is said that Sarah is the face of the operation, working on the videos and customer relations. Ted is behind the curtain, working on public relations and copywriting for their brand.

She then began her Youtube channel in November of 2014, which has reached heights of success that she could never have imagined in the beginning. With hundreds of videos and over 33 million views – an ever-growing number – Sarah Chrisp has hit heights in her Youtube career that many could only dream of.

Many beginners in dropshipping and e-commerce find her Youtube content helpful when they start working in online business. She is an inspiration to many and gives hope to aspiring business people who wish to establish passive income.

One of the best things about her Youtube content is that it is very logical. Her instructions on how to build a successful e-commerce company are often step-by-step and easy to follow.

What you can find on her “Wholesale Ted” Youtube channel

The content within the youtube videos is almost always educational, unlike the typical Youtube influencers of Sarah Chrisp’s generation. Her content includes:

  • Cases studies of success stories within the e-commerce world
  • Tutorials for apps & online tools
  • Motivational anecdotes for encouragement
  • Low-cost, beginner-friendly product sourcing methods (Print On Demand & Dropshipping).
  • Discussion on more advanced product sourcing strategies (such as Wholesale combined with Fulfillment Centers).
  •  Sales psychology tactics to increase conversions & get customers to buy from you & click on your ads.
  •  Videos to help you with the “legal stuff” (creating refund policies, setting up taxes, etc.)
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The content within her Youtube channel, Wholesale Ted, is broken up into seven different playlists. Each playlist addresses different needs that a new online business person may need help with.

For example, Sarah Chrisp has a playlist totally dedicated to tips for dealing with the “legal stuff” in e-commerce. She also has fun playlists dedicated to topics like her life stories and mindsets for success.

Free & Paid Content

In addition to her Youtube content, she often redirects her followers and fans to free resources that can assist them further in their journey to financial freedom. These resources include helpful guides, e-books, and blog posts.

Despite her gracious effort to provide free resources to her followers, she also provides premium paid services. Many of the insider tips that really drive a successful online business require a monthly $67 subscription to have access to the information.

Totaling roughly $800 annually, it is known as one of the more affordable options to educate yourself on e-commerce.

What is the #1 thing that new online entrepreneurs should know?

According to Sarah Chrisp in an interview published by that was conducted by The Oracles, to be successful in e-commerce takes time and long-term dedication. It also takes morals and a commitment to your product. Selling a quality product is one of the easiest ways to become a success story for dropshipping.

As Sarah Chrisp moves forward as one of the most influential and successful educators in e-commerce, she has a lot of time to reflect on her past decisions.

Wholesale Ted Sarah Chrisp: Business Experience

“When you’re young, every year feels like an eternity, and you want to make money now,” said Sarah Chrisp. “As a teenage entrepreneur, I was bad at shipping products on time. I’d already made the money and found the fulfillment part “boring.” I just wanted to focus on making more sales. Not only was this rude, it undoubtedly ruined what could have been long-term relationships with my customers.”

Moving forward, she wants to help others reach similar levels of financial freedom. Although many internet entrepreneurs didn’t start as early as 15 years old, to Sarah Chrisp, age does not matter. Her new focus is much more surrounded by customer service rather than pure profit.

Wholesale Ted Sarah Chrisp: Business Ethics

“I would tell my younger self that business is a marathon, not a sprint,” said Sarah Chrisp. “Now, a huge part of my focus is perfecting the customer experience, mostly because I feel ethically obligated to. But as a bonus, this also creates repeat buyers and more money.”

Of course, having satisfied customers who are loyal does a lot more than creating extra revenue. Sarah Chrisp is well known as a kind and fair businesswoman. In an industry dominated by people who just want to make a buck, Sarah Chrisp is a refreshing change.

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